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Game shows, anyone?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Fuzzy, May 25, 2007.

  1. Has anyone ever been on a game/quiz show?

    I think I might go on one and win shamefully large amounts of money :grin:

    It can't be that hard, Deal or No Deal doesn't seem to require any brain power... that might be a good one to start with :wink:
  2. Does being in my mum's tummy when my Dad was on Family Feud count? :LOL:

    Haven't been personally, but know a few that have.

    If you're going to do it, keep in mind they tape during the day and it's a LOT of waiting around :)
  3. I went on Deal or No Deal for the first episode. Missed out by one to get to play :evil:

    Took 9 hours to tape two half hour shows :?
  4. RoundMan took the rich list for $75k, the mongrel!
  5. I took home around 8 grands worth of stuff over a couple of nightson Sale a few years ago. Best thing was there was absolutely no crap - it was all stuff that was worth having.

    I think I also hold the record for winning from the ABC.
    I won the ABC quiz Flashback and scored a trip for 2 anywhere in the world with a weeks accommodation.

    We went to St Lucia in the West Indies and since the easiest way to get there is on a round the world fare, we could stop over a few times. :LOL:

    Also got on Millionaire years ago but never got out of the centre and on 1 vs 100 in the mob, lasted for ages but never actually won anything but I get to go back next season.

    I've been a stand by on Temptation sat round the studio all day but didn't get called up so hopefully I'll get on there this year sometime - preferably when they've got that F4 MV Agusta as a prize :)
  6. i wish i was on one. i do surprisingly well on temptation from home for someone as bogan as my good self :)

    dads cousin won $32000 on DOND. i want to win money. i'd be one of the rare few who'd say.... i know my lucks not great... i'll just take that $1000 thanks.
  7. does Bob and Dolly Dyer's famous BP pick a box count?????
  8. 'Quiz Quest' I think it was called when I was in primary school in Tassie - it was a TV quiz show for school students. The host was Tim Lester, the guy who does some of the political reporting on Ch 9, though back then he looked more like John Cleese :) I got to the semi-finals and got a calculator or something pox like that.
  9. Awwww, you're all champions in my book :wink: :grin:

    I seriously wouldn't mind hanging around for 9 hours, beats housework any day :p