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Gamax Spillo, anyone?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by RacingTurtles, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. I wonder if anyone might have any experience with Gamax Spillo?
    What is Gamax Spillo, you might ask? Well, it's a 50cc scooter that seems to sell mainly on ebay at the moment. Of course there are lots of 50cc scooters on the market, but Spillo got my attention because of its size: at only 53kg and compact dimensions it seems light and small enough to be pulled up the steps and kept inside the house - something that cannot be said for others. (I tried with Bollwell Jolie - nope, still too big and heavy to do it comfortably).


    The downside is that those Spillos on ebay are sold WITHOUT the rego, although the seller claims they are ADR-compliant and registerable, I wonder if anyone has a first-hand experience with the process of getting them on the road; especially in NSW?
  2. do they actually have the compliance plate is the bigger question. It isn't hard to meet the ADR Standards, but it costs a bit to get the plate actually on the bike.
  3. Yes, according to their ebay page they do:
    "Each Gamax Spillo has passed the stringent Australian Design Rule requirements (ADR) and come fitted with a compliance plate allowing them to be registered in any state of Australia."
  4. Interesting bike, Really couldn't comment on the bike itself having never seen one, but the spec sheet is interesting. 1.3L/100km is pretty good as fuel economy goes, Although it is a 4 stroke 50 with a top speed of 40km/h.
    Couldn't see myself ever riding one, feel cramped as is on small to mid sized scooters.
  5. That's another thing I like about it - 4 stroke means no messing about with oil. Yes, I know performance suffers, but you don't buy something like that for its top speed... for the usage I have in mind, even that 40km/hr will do.
  6. Messing around with oil isn't really a problem, the majority of 2t's these days are automixers, top the tank up once every 2 weeks and you are golden.
  7. She's not wearing eye protection!

    Also, where the hell are you going to buy parts and get maintenance
    for this thing, given that no bike shop has ever heard of it?
  8. I have a Gamax Spillo. I registered it in QLD They sent me the plate no Problems. Its a bit slow but im 130KG 45 down hil and 30 upLokking at derestricting it if i can and doing a bit ofd work to it will keep you posted
    Bought the bike off online bikes and bits on EBAY and im not just giving them a plug. I wish they would supply a big bore kit for it and a an exhaust maybe get it up to about 60klm any advise one what to do tro get morew speed would be appreciated ( no Fat Jokes) ( no sell it jokes)
  9. I'm not really worried about hotting it up because I already have a bike for open road runs and this would be just for the role of local runabout. But I am interested in hearing how well it holds up to the regular use, does it develop any problems? And what do you intend to do about service/repairs? (with ebay-only sales, it was a valid point brought up by another poster)
  10. ill do my oiwn servicing that change oil and gear oil use synthetic for both and do it oftenand no genuine problems the rego was easy although THey had a giggle at me when i regoed it in QLD after all i put it in the boot of my hyundai