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Galston Gorge + MOST Practice [NSW]

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by teodons, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Snips from our ride through Galston Gorge, then onwards towards the Homebush practice session. As well, a rather ham handed demonstration of the various bits of the NSW pre-provisional test: Emergency Brake, U-Turn, Swerve, Left Turn and Cone Weave.

    Also, a shot of our swan and duck lake for Nightowl :p
  2. Of general interest:

    Before 2000, a population of feral chickens lived in the bushland. This population was boosted from time to time by local residents, who would leave chickens from their semi-rural properties on the Galston side of the gorge at the bottom of the valley. Foxes kept the number down. However, steps were taken by Hornsby Shire Council to eradicate this population.


    In April 1990, the bodies of James Gibson and Deborah Everest were found in Galston Gorge. It is suspected that convicted and notorious serial killer Ivan Millat is responsible for these murders, however no official charge has ever been made. Gibson and Everest, who were believed to be murdered on December 30 1989, are considered to have been the first people Millat ever murdered, and much controversy surrounds the police's supposed negligence. It is argued that had police investigated Gibson and Everest's deaths more thoroughly, the infamous backpacker murders could have been prevented.


    The gorge has often been a topic of urband legends, such and strange sightings and a myth of a ghost. Also, it is said that at late night cars block both the exit and entrance, where a group of people meet an unsuspecting driver at the bottom of the gorge and attack them, forcing them to trade in their average car for a "rice-burner" or a "crotch rocket".

  3. Cool vid Junaid. And "What The?" with the story about being forced to trade your average family sedan in for a street racer????

    The Chicken one is a good one though.

    Fun Ha!
  4. The chicken one is true, except for one point - they weren't ferel. I know who put them there, originally, too. His name is Joe and he lived in Quarry Road in Dural. He's absolutely off his rocker - crazy guy!

    When he was moving house, he didn't want to take his chickens with him, and thought he'd put them back into nature, so thought the gorge was good.

    A couple of months later, after heaps of complaints about them ruining the sides of the hill, he was forced to take them out again. Then in came the notes via local newspapers "we miss the chickens in the gorge!" etc. So, good old Joe put them back in, and when questioned he said "no it wasn't me. i took mine out and then sold them to locals - must have been someone else".

    and ever since then, locals getting rid of their chickens have dumped them in the gorge to be used as fox food.


    wikipedia doesn't know everything about it ;)
  5. Good video... but why so little footage of galston gorge!?!? :-O

    I loooove riding through there! Or maybe you need a separate video for galston gorge alone so we can show it to people who've never ridden on it?

    Excellent cone weave :D
  6. Hehe, should probably have picked a longer song. I had under a minute and a half of MOST, a few seconds for the lake and 30 odd for the ride to Homebush, which only left about 2 minutes for the Gorge. Will perhaps do another run someday and cut a longer one just for it.

    That's good to know about the chickens too! :D
  7. Nah, just make a sep. video for the gorge only :p you still got the footage doncha? just shove it together with a couple of songs :D
  8. Unfortunately I haven't got the raw footage anymore, I tend to be trigger happy with delete once rendering finishes.
  9. I've got the whole sequence from start to fininsh - Including a near bike <3 armco moment from a certain bike in front of me *cough* Shirrow *cough*

    Currently rendering a vid - If it looks OK I'll upload it to YouTube and post back here.

    Fun Ha!
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  11. it says your video is private, hun?
  12. Yep. You should still be able to view it though - right?

  13. nope

    This video is private.
  14. change from private to Unlisted
  15. I cant. ='(
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  17. Your lines are good Pete, your getting better

    Should of came to Road Warriors yesterday, place was rocking with productions crews filming the new V6 Rav 4 commercial

    So for those that see the new Rav 4 ad, its on the Old road :)
  18. Thanks Goz.

    Did you let them use your GoPro? :rofl:

    Fun Ha!
  19. i showed them, he said that they couldnt afford it :D