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Galston Gorge 19.01.2013

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by MadAzz300, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. #1 MadAzz300, Jan 20, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2013
    I shot this video before the Learner Friendly Ride (Putty Run).

    Riders in view are:
    Lead: tunafi2h
    2nd: Chris
    3rd: Alex2761
    behind me, and subsiquently not shown:
    BOB88R, firefox gladius, and Dazza

    Thanks for organising this guys! I had a blast! (y)
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  2. Nice! I've never been through Galston Gorge but now I feel like I've had a practice run. Looks like fun!

    What kind of camera are you using - I'm guessing Contour? And where have you mounted it?
  3. :netrider: Great filming and thanks for the ride
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  4. Hi Gareth, yes - I'm using the contourHD 1080p at the moment and I have it mounted on my handle bars.

  5. Nice filming, and the map at the start is a good idea!
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  6. GREAT VIDEO esp with the inclusion of the map at the start, SydMadAss!

    Next time you stay at our back, so we'll be in the video. :)
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  7. Bit cruel to always have the camera bike at the back of the pack :p.............
  8. I can always supply a camera mount to someone behind me.. :p
  9. Nice. I'm surprised how little vibration there is, since it's attached to the bars - and not too much rolling shutter in the video either!

    I tried out my GoPro for the first time using a suction cup on the tank, but there was so much vibration I put it on the helmet instead. Heaps of wind noise up there though, so went out and got a chest harness - think I've nailed it now. After seeing this I might try out a handlebar mount though...
  10. Hi Gareth, you should have joined us last Saturday, and of course you can stay with the faster group.
  11. Thanks - perhaps I can star in SMA's next production. I'd better wash my bike.
  12. AznCruiser, I know you love to do it. You are a good video editor.
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    Lol you must be talking about the ride below where three TEC's were supposed to rotate :)........after Colo Heights all the others buggered off never to be seen again lol.........I kept myself entertained...........

    BTW never trust a hoon on a 1200cc to be TEC for long :p.

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  14. I disposed of the regular plastic mount and replaced it with some cloth tape around the bar and a hose clamp to secure the camera bracket.
    Doing it this way stopped the vibration.
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  15. Genius, looks very professional. I think I'll be doing some more tweaking and testing this weekend...
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  16. Any luck with your camera tests over the weekend?
  17. Still waiting for the weekend in question to arrive actually :p
  18. Nice vid quality ... nice bit of road ... but mate, could you get any closer to the oncoming vehicles? :eek: I was cringing in my seat at the dreadful cornering lines :(
  19. ahaha.. sorry.. been a very slow week at work.. lost track of the days for a moment :ROFLMAO: so disregard me question for a few more days :whistle:

  20. Hahah that was shet video quality and shet section of the Putty, very bumpy boring and straight section.............................As for the cornering, welcome to the world of VIDEO EDITING STABILIZERS lol :p ..........