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Galaxy Note II Review?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. I'm planning on jumping straight from my Galaxy SII across the SIII to the Note II. I've tried one in the shop and it's a very beguiling device, and while all the press reviews are good, I was wondering if a friendly Netrider or two had one and could be perhaps more unbiased??

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  3. I agree it's a big phone, but I'll be 64 next month, and my eyesight ain't as good as it used to be; I've enjoyed the growing size of phone screens over the years

    As for my pockets, I wear baggy stuff these days so my pockets would be fine lol
  4. I have one and they are a great PhAblet (phone tablet) only very minor gripes regarding battery life (20-30hrs) and of course the size of the bloody thing. Some days I feel like I am lugging a ruddy great Jumbotron around. Also the only case I was able to find for it looks like a bloody purse, not so much a bad thing for me as it matches my fishnets, but does lead to some odd looks when walking down the street in jeans. In terms of functionality the PhAblet is brilliant, especially the stylus which has some smarts of its own and is not just a big tootpick (as I found out the hard way).
  5. Hey thanks for that useful review!!!
  6. I have the Note 1, the wife has the Note 2. She had an iPhone4 previously, but after seeing my note, decided she "needed" one as well :) Fantastic phones. Screen is brilliant, the s pen is fantastic, the battery life not so great. But that's what you get with a large bright screen. I use snote and smemo all the time, in place of, you guessed it, a note pad. ;-)
    I get 2 days use out of mine between charges, & that's using it for about 20 minutes of Web surfing at morning smoko, 1/2 hour at lunch time, a bit in the evening, and the odd phone call etc.
    The note 2 has a bigger battery, so well do better.
    If you want to use it as a GPS, you'll need the car holder and power cord, as that really chews the battery. The GPS combined with internet connectivity is utterly brilliant. Especially when you're in a strange town, and want to find something specific. Google maps integrates perfectly with the navigation app.
    I suppose the acid test would be if something happened to it ie lost or broken, would i buy another one? Absolutely. In a heartbeat. Love it :)
    Oh, the size doesn't worry me. I have man hands, so it doesn't look out of place, fits my pockets, and its easy to see. Interestingly, in Asia, they are a huge hit with chicks. They have handbags though :)
  7. Ditto my previous post!!
  8. ^ What those guys said.

    I've got the Note 1 and have used it as my portal to the world since I got it a year or so ago. I do most of my interwebz stuff on it and it's my primary email tool.

    I've got big hands and long fingers (form a line to the left, ladies ;)), so the size is a non-issue and I can use it one handed, just like Apple says I should.

    I rarely crack open the laptop these days, except for access to tech tools. Do it all on the phone.
  9. think its safe to say all the new big screen phones are pretty bad on batteries, for two reasons, quad core processors and running the big screen of course sucks power- 2 - you tend to pick up the phone and use as a pad instead of an actual ipad or pc. so if you google around ebaying and checking out nr and figuring where your thread went and what justus is spewing about ,you will chew up a couple of hours while in front of the tele , --it will go flat--.

    best purchase that i made recently was so cheap is a 3 metre micro usb cable. - now i can surf and charge at the same time , gold when you decide to read in bed etc and about 3 bucks on ebay from chin a ding dond dang dinalong hong dong
  10. I'm not really planning on using the phone for the internet on a regular basis; I have a 3g iPad for that :), and I already re-charge my Galaxy II every night, whether it really needs it or not, so I'm used to the bigger screen's power consumption.
    Thanks for the feedback!
  11. When I first bought my Note, it wasn't particularly popular yet so I managed to get two spare batteries and a wall charger for three parts of bugger-all on eBay. Incredibly handy, having a spare battery or two on call when travelling.
  12. Yes, it's funny, all the tech writers were deriding it and coined the word phablet for it, but Samsung were having the last laugh because it has sold up a storm.....