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Gah! Assessment is coming up too fast!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jokerWA, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. I'm not getting enough contact hours on the bike is my main problem, my instructor has been great and seems to think that given time on the bike I'll be okay. I'm hoping to get a mate to take me out a bit and firm everything up, but I'm wondering if there's anyone here who's done their test in WA recently and can let me know what to expect?

    Any info/tips would be helpful, I'm trying to avoid putting my test back, but if I have to I will :shock: .

  2. where are you doing it? if from citywest then the course is pretty easy, taking you over to west leederville by lake monger, through a few small streets for slow control/ braking stuff. it's not too much to worry about and is over in about 20 minutes.
  3. That's a fair question, I'm actually doing over at Midland, was the first appointment I could get when I booked. I've heard they're fair over that way, consistant with their standards and stuff. Anyone taken the test there? 20 minutes sounds really good though, I reckon I can ride pretty for 20 mins :grin:. I really am looking to get my assessment out of the way so I can practice in my own time, sneak off to the back streets like a good little boy and practice practice practice :p . If I do pass I'm definitely going back to the instructor and getting some advanced cornering classes and anything else he has to offer.

    Thanks for the info Alice, anyone else got more? :grin:
  4. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    I'm rescheduling my test, just not enough time to get everything firmed up :( At the moment I'm booked for 14th September, will be calling in to find cancellations though. Cheers for the support so far guys! Hell at least by Sept I'm BOUND to be ready! :twisted:
  5. is this to get your P's? or L's? im not familiar with the WA road rules.

    just relax and dont stress about it, thats what bike riding is about, relaxing, enjoying the ride. you should be fine mate. CHILLAX :D
  6. I've got my L's, over here we can't ride unless we've got someone with 4 years experience or more riding along with us. So it's the test to get my "P's" (though we don't have to actually go on and display P plates).

    Yeah should be good, a little bit of fine tuning on the Controlled Braking and tightening up my general road riding and I'll be sweet... just a shame I'm gonna have to wait so long to prove it.
  7. you need some one with 4years riding experience to ride with you? how are you supposed to learn if you dont know other riders? O.O

    what an odd rule.

    good luck with it all mate, once you feel confident enough in ypurself you will breeze through the test.
  8. They do the same thing people do when they want to get a CAR license.....
    they pay for lessons.

    When I first heard about this rule, I also thought it was "odd" but when I think about it, there is meant to be "safety in numbers".
    I got my L's in January and just got straight out there amongst it and survivied, but I reckon it was only because I had 20+ years of caging under my belt to make it easier.
    Ahhhh, who am I kidding, some people have road sense...some people don't. It's difficult to say if it's better than our system here in Vic.
  9. Yeah I freaked out when i realised they just let you guys jump on the bike with an L hanging off and off you go. I figure if they don't do that with cars why would they let you do it on the bike?

    As for how to learn if you don't know riders, I guess the best thing you could do is get on Netrider or similar and find someone to take you out... but yeah I'm paying $50/hour at the moment, a real drain on the Booze & Slappers budget, but you get that. Been on a few rides with mates as well though, just harder to pin them down.

    At the moment I'm really jealous of you guys because I'd love to take the bike out to the back streets and drill my braking etc, but not worth the hassle if the boys in blue turn up. And from what I hear over there you just wait a year and after that you're on the unrestricted license? We have to go through the whole process again on the bigger bike before we're legal for bigger bikes...
  10. Hey Joker,

    I did my test at the Freo licensing centre. I havent had my license for the required 4 yrs so unfortunately i can't hit the roads with you.

    The test is really pretty basic.

    From memory these are the things they look out for:

    1. Emergency stop without locking it up and retaining control.
    2. Indicating at all the right times
    3. Head checks (both before moving and down EVERY side street)
    4. Series of U-turns (basically what used to be figure eights)
    5. General back road and main road riding
    6. Lane position on single lane roads and multi lane roads
    7. general flow of your riding
    8. parking the bike properly when you get back to the licensing centre.
  11. Cheers mate, yeah item number 1 is really where I need the extra practice... we've been doing a lot of road riding and not drilling on the emergency stopping. At the moment I can either A) stop within 12m and lock it up a little or 8) not lock it up and stop just outside the 12m so a bit more drilling there and I should be sweet (I hope). Went riding for about 4-5 hours Sunday and the guys with me couldn't understand why I'm delaying the test.... until we hit the back streets for a few minutes to drill the braking :oops:
  12. Yeah you gotta get that quick stop thing down pat otherwise you will fail the test. Aparently if you muck up the stop they will let you do it again but thats your last chance. Oh and obviously if you fall off while doing your stop then you automatically fail. But i'm sure with a bit more practice you'll be right.

    With the emergency stops basically the tester will say to you "ok go up the road to that tree over there and turn around and come down between 50 and 60km/hr and when i drop my hand just stop as quick as you can". Now there is more involved in this little sequence than you might first think. After getting your instructions you need to indicate (and head check) before pulling away, then indicate (and head check) before doing the U-turn, then do your stop within 12 metres. Even though your still learning you should be able to get the stops down to about 10metres, that gives you a bit of allowance for nerves in the test.

    oh and remember that the instructor says "come down between 50 and 60km/hr" so your perfectally entitled to go just 50.

    Oh and another thing....sometimes they will try and trick you. For example you will be doing your emergency stop on a quiet back road so speed limit is 50. But the instructor may still say "come down between 50 and 60" but if you go 60 then you will be speeding and you'll fail immediately.

    Not trying to freak you out, just take your time and ask him to repeat the instruction if your unsure at all.
  13. :LOL: yeah so far I've managed to avoid the falling off part :LOL:

    Yeah that's how I've been practicing with mates, using a hand-drop so I don't know when it's coming... cheers for the heads up, I can just see some poor sap forgetting to run through his MILO before heading off and failing on that basis :(

    Yeah trust me I'll give them the shits getting them to repeat it all back to me hehehe. I wanna get the test out of the way in one shot no hassle so I can then ride around with my mates who have been riding 3 years or so a lot more and get them to critique me, or ride off into the back streets to pratice the emergency stuff... things Victorian learners get to take for granted :(