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Gaah, cant ride new bike, only have an REA..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by TRA, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. I turned up for the q-ride refresher this morn, talking to the trainers. On my licence it has RE, but I told the guys I had never ridden a manual bike before. One of the instructors informs me that sometimes they dont list all the conditions on the qld licence. So off I go to department of transport to make sure and low and behold I have an automatic condition attached to my licence. Bugger.:tantrum: Oddly enough, its attached to the licence, not any particluar class...

    Tears....:cry: Rang the training school back, told them I want to get it sorted ASAP, cause I can be not riding my brand new bike. They managed to fit me in on Sunday!! Yay!!! So should be able to get the condition removed on Tues (shame monday is a public holiday up here):bannanabutt:

    For all the queenslanded looking at getting a licence, I highly recommend morgan and wacker. They are very helpul and the training is excellent in my opinion.
  2. Are you saying that an automatic condition for your car license also restricts you from riding a manual bike?

    Because that would suck being confined to an automatic bike.. of which there are very few that aren't stepthroughs.