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G-Strom or WEESXR

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dsyfer, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Got a bit bored and decide to pretty up a vstrom with some GSXR bits.


  2. Nice. Some decent PS there.
  3. You should send that to Suzuki.
  4. Looks better without the hotrod exhaust.

  5. Well, it'd be hard to make the V-Strom any uglier...
  6. Dad "Son, when you grow up marry an ugly girl, if you marry a good looking girl one day she will leave you for someone better".

    Son "But Dad, an ugly girl can leave as well!"

    Dad "Yeah Son, but who gives a shit".

    One of the best bikes I have had, brilliant to ride, can throw it around in the city, I can hit the dirt roads on the way home, 400kms+ out of a tank, and I'm not very sedate. Best thing is the cops and crooks don't look sideways, I ride it 100kms a day to work and back, hills & city and never had a hassle on it.

    One of the best everyday bikes built. Now if only someone would make a fairing kit...
  7. Oh, I know it's a well-regarded bike. I've suggested one to my dad but he said it didn't do anything for him (but he's quite interested in a Varadero!).