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G.P. Monster Energy de Catalunya this weekend.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Q3Arena, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. You know the drill :)

    The race is on ONE at 9:30 pm this Sunday night (14/06/2015) in Adelaide.

    Check your local guides for the time in your part of the country.

    The fight for the number one spot is still wide open. Although Marquez had better get his finger out if he wants to get the hat trick!
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  2. Q3ArenaQ3Arena be nice to my little marquez! I thought lorenzo's Italian GP ride was technically 9/10 but really boring... :bolt:
    Now Iannone, Marquez, smith, rossi great competitive riding!!!! Bring it on.
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  3. I'm a big fan of Marc don't you worry :) I can't wait for him to return to form although I think it is more bike troubles than form trouble!
  4. Wrong tyre selection last race ?
  5. True story! Could have made all the difference. I'm not sure those new swingarms are doing them any favours. They had such a good set up last year!!
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  6. Crazy Joe gets fourth to stay third in the title! Even if Marquez wins all 11 remaining races, as long as George and Lawrence keep scoring points he can't win the title this year..
  7. Shhhhhhhhh! Haven't watched yet! ;)
  8. I didn't mention the podium, but fair enough.... :)
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  9. I can't help myself...I just had to take a quick squiz at this thread. Looking forward to Thursday when I get to caress the remote alone and freeze frame through some classic cut off corners etc...:D
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