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G.O.R. bike blitz nabs fifty speeders, 20 lucky ones escape.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by scooter, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Police in bike blitz

    October 19, 2005

    FIFTY motorcyclists were nabbed for speeding on the Great Ocean Road over the past week, including one rider who was clocked at 76kmh over the limit.

    At least another 20 speeding motorcyclists eluded Colac police who were stationed between Apollo Bay and Princetown.

    Sergeant Shane Howard, of the Corangamite Traffic Management Unit, said words could not express how he felt about speeding motorists after the recent spate of deaths on the region's roads.

    "Obviously it's disappointing," he said. "But this is typical behaviour of a certain group of people."

    Sergeant Howard said the operation targeted motorcyclists on their way to Phillip Island's 2005 Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix on Thursday and Friday and their return on Monday.

    More than half the speeding riders were caught on Monday.

    One rider was clocked at 176kmh in a 100kmh zone at Johanna, with another nabbed doing 167kmh. Five riders were caught between 35 and 40kmh over the 100kmh limit, while another three were doing 100kmh in a 70kmh zone.

    "If we had the right equipment and manpower, we'd have caught 20 more," Sergeant Howard said.

    He said most of the riders were interstate residents.

    "They may not be aware of our recent history (of accidents resulting in fatalities) but that doesn't excuse them for ignoring our road rules," he said.

    Members of the Geelong Regional Tasking Unit were also involved in the operation, targeting the rest of the Great Ocean Road.

    Fines of up to $451 were issued to 50 motorcyclists. Many lost demerit points while several also lost all vehicle licences for up to 12 months.

    From the Warnambool Standard Website.

  2. bloody pigs
  3. Bloody Pigs???? What about bloody numb nut riders giving us all a bad name? Or bloody interstate riders??
  4. You would have to be the biggest fool to think you could speed over the MotoGP weekend and get away with it. :shock: And it will be us poor Victorians that pay for there stupidity, the black mark on on bikes in Vic.

  5. I assume you are referring to the morons responsible for tarring all of us with the brush of their own juvenile stupidity?
  6. Re: G.O.R. bike blitz nabs fifty speeders, 20 lucky ones esc

    Oooooooooo ouch ... only takes a few ... to give the rest of us a bad name ... unfortunately it's irrelevant to the masses that the larger percentage were interstaters .. that tar-brush is awfully wide ...
  7. hahahahahaaa i got done on the GOR by more than any of them :p :p

  8. As much as I like riding the GOR, I must admit that I don't like riding that fast on it, it is just way too damaged these days, and after this little exersize expect a lot more pigs hanging around this trough in the future.

  9. Grow up both of you!
  10. Yeah, those damned interstate riders coming to Victoria and making it hard for the law-abiding locals!!!

    Just kidding guys, anyone who was speeding in Victoria on that week, local or interstater, (and I was down there) deserved to get nabbed!!! Same thing happens up here with the car crowd on Bathurst weekend. Some people seem pathetically unable to get the message!!!
  11. no, you grow up! :p :p

    did you notice the little oops smiley down the bottom? ( :oops: )

    i did it. i copped 12 months for it. i regret it. i'm now having a joke about it :wink:
  12. :LOL: 'If we had a few k1200rs's and some of those nutter bike cops from Melbourne, we could have kept up at similar speeds...' Honestly, sometimes the police revultion expressed at these speeding riders seems somewhat hypocritcal to me, given the first hand reports given to me by a few riders on the Barry Sheen GP run - bike cops riding ahead with a select group of well known riders at well above the limit. Yes I know the cops have to attend the scene of accidents and see the bodies etc, but now and then I get the impression that a bit of a fang is OK as long as you're in uniform... hate to reignite an old debate

    Anyway, as others have said, belting it to the GP is not the smartest idea given the perennial heavy police presence - the riders had it coming.
  13. Hi Dan, missed you when I was down for the Netrider Dinner :cry:
  14. ok

    :p for the record i call all cops pigs for slang,no doubt riders were being stupid,also i think many were heading to adelaide,if they were interstaters.

    so plz take chil pil :D
  15. According to that report, 10 riders were well above the limit.

    What about the other 40 riders? What sort of speed exceedences were they pinged at? 5, 10, 15 km/h over?

    And how many riders in total passed through that region?

    And they didn't say what the "eluding" riders were doing and why they couldn't catch 'em.

    On WIN news (Gippsland) on Monday night, there was a report about the weekend traffic and how the local TMU OIC was disappointed. Unfortunately I only got the last minute of the report. However, on my run hom on Monday to the Latrobe Valley, we only saw one copper near Anderson and another at Kilcunda. If there were any speed cameras about we didn't spot them.
  16. Well I must say I find that very hard to believe as my good self happened to be down that way on Sunday. Guess how many officers of the law I spotted? None, zero, zilch. Take your pick. And that was over 470kms. Of what could only be described as rather spirited riding. Guess they must of all been inside the station watching the races on TV at that time of the day. Who knows -I had fun anyway :LOL: :LOL:
  17. You answered your own question roarin, you were there on Sunday, they blitzed on Monday, pretty easy to believe, and NO they weren't there on Sunday because they were all standing aroung like a bunch of turkeys directing traffic and Joe Public all day, in the hot sun, in full uniform, at the track.
    Yes that's right every rider that came in behind Vale on Sunday were definately not the biggest losers of the day.

    Someone should organise a Krusty Kreme stand on the other side of the bridge, they really need it.
  18. :shock: Ya reckon? I thought the coppers were quite relaxed,i did a few 3rd gear stand up monos past a few and lanesplit at well over the limit in front of 2 highway patrol cars and they didnt even bat an eyelid at me. 8) Top stuff Vic police! :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Delayed response in the mail. :wink: