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G,day from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bugshifter, May 15, 2007.

  1. Hi there my name is Chris and i ride a CBR1100 its my second one it suits me and can carry all my camping gear to rallies and such.It also get up and moves when unloaded. lol There are a lot of names that i already know from Bris and Syd. Can,t wait to catch up and meet a few others...

  2. hey there bugshifter.....i'd post the link to the coffee club - but i now you know all about it :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. hey bugshifter welcome aboard :) i'm in riverhills! just around corner. is a few others in this neck of the woods too.
  4. hey buddy

    welcome mate, hope to see ya on the road sometime :grin:

    Nice choice in bike, Not that im biased :cool:
  5. Welcome aboard Chris. It's a great community. I live between yourself and BalmyBrowny. I'll keep me eyes open for you. Check the threads mate, there are a few great rides coming up.
  6. Hey Buggy,
    Hope to see you again soon mate, those staintunes SING for their supper when you have it dancing >10,000RPM
  7. Come along to the camping at mt mee

    Yes... mount me, mount me !
  8. chris is coming.....but as for mounting you??????? hmmmmmmmm

    discretion tells me not to say a word :cool:
  9. You want Chris to mount you??? :shock: (Where the hell IS that vomit emoticon??)
    Something you haven't been telling us s_s? :LOL:

    BTW...welcome bugshifter...glad you found us! :grin:
  10. I know you, its good to see you on this site... :wink:

    WELCOME TO THE FRAY... Id tell you where cc's is but I have a feeling you already know. :!:

    See you at cc's soon.
  11. I'd like to say i'm supprised... but i'm not. :roll:
  12. You're just jealous cos I offered him firsties....
  13. christ i just had to read that twice... I read that and i swear you sai "fisties" :shock:

    and no no i'm not jealous, I prefer lesbians and regular girls...
  14. Thanks for the welcome hope to see you all on a ride soon..

    Ps I,m fussy who i Mount . lol
  15. you are? :LOL:

    Hiya Buggy :p