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FZX250 ZEAL for L's???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by DANNIBOI, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. ello all, dan here, new to the site, cheers for havin me.

    Got my L's a few weeks ago :twisted: cant wait to get out ther . wen i was first lookin at bikes i was checkin out a Virago, till i sat on it..... felt like i was ridin a midget (im only 5'11) on 2 wheels haha, i think ill wait till i can get a a nice Vulcan Vn900 mmmmm :cool:

    ok i dnt wanna spend 2 much (it is a first bike $3500 - $4500) and have been doin alot of research in 250's on the net, and i dont want to get a cbr250 coz im more than likly to drop my first bike eg fairing costs, and i dnt trust wat iv heard about the HYOSUNG gt250's built quality, even if it does come with 2 yr warranty. then in my passing i noticed a few ZEAL's.

    i really like the look of the bike and had a sit and listen to one the other day, the low seat was comfy and it felt awsome. of course i would get the model WITHOUT the d@!%* lookin mini fairing on the front, but i probly would change the front headlight.

    Cant seem to find much on the built quality or lasting power on the FZX, so any knowledge on this bike would be a massive help.

    thx guys, cant wait to get out there!!!!!!!!!!!! :LOL:
  2. if youre looking for an inline 4 cyl 250cc theres the "larger" option of the suzuki across too. i found the fx250 and the honda cbr250 too small for me to sit comfortably. plus the across has a small trunk, what more can you ask for :D
  3. Yes the across is good but still has those plastic bits the op doesnt want
    The zeal is a naked version of the yamaha fzr250 4 cyl 4 stroke
    Should be a good bike as its got a low seat, other bikes you might look at are the cb250 or cbf250 or spada, all from honda or a gsf250 from suzuki good luck hunting
  4. the zeals are a pretty good thing although a bandit will also be good. none are overly high though so it looks like midget humping for you.
  5. GSF250 or bandit 250 as they are known also, are very good bikes to learn on.