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FZR600 not learner legal?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ageg, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Hey peeps,

    Just enquiring about a fzr600, got it off my mate cheap as chips and have had a look on the LAMS list and its not listed as LAMS approved...My mate apparently worked out the power to weight ratio and said it would be learner legal due to it being a heavy bik and its power output... Is this true and vic roads just have not listed it?. If its not learner legal is there something i can do to make it learner legal?

  2. unfortunately, the list is the list. and the vicroads list varies significantly to other states also.

    they will only add new bikes to the list if they want to, not if anyone just says it should be on there.
  3. Hey Age,

    No, it's not learner legal.
    The power to weight ratio for LAMS is 150kw per tonne.
    The FZR600 is 66.8kw and 181 kg.
    So, for its weight it would need to be around 27 kw, not 66.8kw ... or more than twice the weight it is.
  4. Hahahahaa, can\t wait to tell Girrl that she's LAMS approved...NOT!!!
  5. Yamaha do have the FZ6R (New bike) which is LAMS. They're not particularly cheap though and have a savage throttle lock.
  6. Sounds like your mate isn't great at maths.

    Or he thinks the bike weighs 445kg.
  7. LAMS power/weight ratio for bikes over 250cc is worked out with an 80kg penalty weight to account for rider, plus the bikes kerb weight I believe. From this you can extrapolate the power to weight ratio. (eg {[1000kg / [180kg + 80kg]] x [power]} = ratio)

    If you feel a specific bike should be included and meets those criteria then you can write to the RTA - it will help greatly if you have the help of a dealer in these issues to help the official process along.

    An example I know of is a mate who wanted to buy a 1997 Ducati 600 SS as a learner bike, but it wasn't LAMS approved. They only make something like 50hp and weigh around the 180kg mark, so should definitely be LAMS approved. The dealership got onto the RTA and got them looking into the issue. In the next database update, the Duc was announced as LAMS approved and my mate went and bought the used example from said dealer.

    Cheers - boingk
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