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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by josh_182, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Hi guys I'm from TassieI wanna buy my first bike soon and there's an FZR250 down here for $3,900, it's a 97 model. I like the sportier looking bikes. I am 6'0 and 88 kg, do u think this bike would suit my size and if any of u have had one or ridden one, let me know how they go. Thanx, Josh.

  2. trading post prices are from $2500ish - $4000ish
  3. First point - check the actual manufacture date. From all information sources I have found the last FZR250 was actually manufactured in 1994. They have been arriving ever since as grey imports (all fzr250's in australia are grey imports). Many sellers (both private and retail) will quote the compliance date, not manufacture date. There is one business that regularly markets its 1988-1989 fzr250's as '2005 models'. To get an idea of the models available and years have a look at http://fzr250.com/viewtopic.php?t=877

    However, if you have a proper mechanical inspection and all comes good they are excellent bikes. I had one for 2.5 years (a 1989 model) and it was fantastic to learn and play on - I put 40 000+ k's on it. It is very similar to the cbr250 in terms of performance. I am shorter than you (5'8") and it fit me fine. As with any sports 250 they can be cramped - only way to find out is sit on it and see if it works well.

    The one issue is that there tends to be a limited number of mechanics who are familiar with them, and there are no repair / service manuals in english available. Though there is www.fzr250.com .

    How many k's? They will last if looked after (there are reports of them lasting up to and over 100 000 k's). If thrashed and not looked after it may be on its last legs at 40 000 k's. Of course being a grey import one can't be sure of it's history (i.e. k's wound back) - another strong reason to get a proper mechanical inspection done.
  4. Yep, way too much and Boz's point about manufacture date/import date is very important. FZRs are a bit harder to work on than CBRs but are otherwise similar. This could be an issue if you plan to work on your own bike. Also, as a 'pure' grey import it will be harder to get parts for then a CBR or other bike that was also an 'official' model.

    I would be expecting to pay LESS in light of these issues, but many sellers seem to think they can add $1000 to the price.

    Check also the tyre sizes as they are 'odd' on some FZRs... but many 250s have unusual tyre sizes... but be aware the size may be a little rare and you'll probably need to give tyre dealers time to get them in.
  5. Thanx for the info guys, just one thing though on bikepics.com they have people with photos of bike from 1988 to 2006, r they just people that have been told that their bike is that model and believe it or what? The one listed as a 2006 model does look like quite a late model bike?

  6. Go and Google a 1989 FZR750 OWO1 and see how '2006' that bike looks... most Japanese 250 super sports bikes have now been out of production for years... one reason the LAMS system was finally introduced in Australia.

    So, yes, all these people have fallen for the 'date on the compliance plate' trick, in which that date is the date of import into Australia.
  7. As said above - yes... If you have a look at the number of people who have this bike each year it drops off significantly after 1994. The one listed as 2006 is actually a pre-1990 model (can tell this by steel frame and single front brake disc). As is the white 2005 model.
  8. Does the one you're looking at have dual front discs?

    Mine's a '93 model, with the dual front discs and I love it.

    Stops great, goes great for a bike you're allowed to learn on. Very nimble, handles well.

    I paid $5000 for mine last year with 24,000 K's on it (condition indicates legit odometer reading].

    Only downside will be spare parts - expect to pay more for 'em.
  9. If you want it, go for it. But as everyone else has said - beware. Maybe offer the guy a bit less than 3900. But for that money, you could get a recent Honda NSR150. 33hp @ 10,200rpm, huge grin factor. Or get something old school and then do it up - you know, surprise the sh*t out of people, haha.
  10. I got my 06" GPX 250 for $6600 on road!
    It wasn't worth getting second at the time I was looking!
    It all depends on your Price range. My original price range was up to $5000 you would then need stamp duty, transfer fee, booking fee, and RWC and REG if required.

    If your mechanically minded and can do most of the maintenence your self its not that big a deal but you will need to look into it!

    Find out what replacement parts will cost and how redily available they are?

    Research the any item you buy! it might save you a few $$$ in the end!

    Above all don't be pressured to purchase until you have considered all your options!

    Good Luck!
  11. I am on a fzr250 '2kr' 1988. Paid $2750 'unreg' I thought it was a bargin. I had 'enforcer' (who is on the fourm) help me get it :D

    If you want to check out more about FZR250 check this site out:
    http://www.fzr250.com/index.php - I was able to find out tons of stuff about this bike from here.

    My cousin also has the same bike he paid $4000 for his about 3 years ago and he has the 'ex-up value' (for the exhust) which i don't have.
  12. paid 3200 for an exup 2kr. no reg or rwc.
    ended up at around 3700 on road.