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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by gribbs, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. hi,
    ive beeen told by a number of people not to buy the fzr250 because it has an inherent carbie problem. has anyone elese experience this problem?

    i havent, but the guy i bought it off said he did when he bought it, until he started using optimax and ultimat (98ron) fuel... as with jap import cars, they all run best on minimum 98 octane, preferrably 100 octane.

    anyway just thought id ask if anyone else has had similar probs, and fixed them in this way,

  2. Nope never had a problem with my carbs in the 20,000km I've put on it in the past 18 months. they needed a clean-up and tune/balance after i bought the bike, but since then I've not had an issue. I use normal unleaded fuel also, which works fine. I tried the expensive stuff once or twice, but didn't notice any difference so why bother? It depends how your carbs are tuned though. I was always told optimax is a no-no.

    "inherent carbie problem" is a load of frogshite, however the carbies are small and complex to work on, and can suffer from clumsy set-up and age related problems. Check over at
    www.fzr250.com for more more info.
  3. Japanese cars often need 100 octane fuel if turbocharged however Japanese bikes will run on a minium of 91 octane. Generally best to use 95 octane premium however due to "variation" in the quality of standard unleaded in this country. If the bike in question really will only run on 98 octane then it would suggest someone's altered the carbs (ie changed the jetting).
  4. I've got a mate who's always having trouble with flooding at low rpm...