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FZR250 weird problem? Need Help?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by aus_dragon, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Last night while riding I had something odd happen to my FZR250 3LN twice and was hopeing that someone here might be able to shed some light on it. I have a feeling it is stalling a mid RPM in 5th or 6th gear. I will tell you what happened and see if anyone thinks this might be the case.

    In the first case I had just come out of a round about and started heading down a steep hill, I was using slightly more than moderate acceleration and got to about 8k-9k RPM when I changed up from 5th to 6th (gears may have been 4th to 5th, I am still a nervous Learner :) ).
    As I let the clutch out the bike just seemed to die. I couldn't hear any motor noise through my helmet and over the wind (had my visor slightly open), so I put clutch in tried the start button but couldn't hear any change, let clutch out nothing repeated this a few times.
    When I got to the bottom of the hill I went to turn/roll into a mates driveway (luckly this is wear I was headed) and when the bike slowed down to about 15-20kms there was a clunging noise, bike lurched a little and and seemed to start back up. This of course through my concentration and I ended up just getting it back to first and awkardly getting up his drive before stalling it.

    The second time this happened was on the way home and after the first instence I was riding very gently, no hard throttle, changing gears lower in the RPM etc.
    Again this was going down a hill (not quite so steep) and I was performing the same gear change when the smae thing happened. I went through the same routine, clutch in, starter, clutch out, repeat to not avail.
    But again went to pull over out of the way of traffic (luckly on a quite street), and wen the speed dropped down to about 15-20kms I heard the same clunking noise bike jolted a bit a I heard the revs pick up.
    This time I swiched the motor off, then on again with no probs.

    As I am writing this I have just realised that another possible explaination maybe I am hitting a false neutral between 5th and 6th.
    If anyone can offer any suggestions as to if any of my theories are correct or any theories of their own that would be great.
  2. If you havn't cleaned/balanced your carbs thats where I would start. Make sure you clean the needles and tubes till there spotless.
  3. Quite possible.

    You need to determine whether the engine is still running once this has happened, or the engine has died.

    When it happens next, check by revving the bike to see if the engine is still running. If the engine is dead, it would point to something electrical, check all basic connections (battery, earths, etc).
  4. shoot Ktulu :p
  5. ...out of a cannon, into the sun :rofl: ...or a PM?
  6. :rofl:

    Nah, with the bargin I got from him :dance: I couldn't be happier.

    It's quite possibly something I am doing myself as an overwelmed newbie :tantrum: .

    I was speaking to a mate last night and he mentioned possible electrical problem, maybe the cutoff switch :-k which would fit in with the way it just sort of dies than pops back to life.

    No problem I cant fix myself, I will have to put the mechanics hat on this weekend :nail: , all else fails get a bigger hammer :LOL:
  7. aus_dragon there is a cutoff switch that turns the bike off if the side stand is down and the bike is started and you try and engage a gear other than neutral.

    aus_dragon what fuel are you using? If you are using Premium Unleaded it could explain it, but you would be having other problems like poor idle after start and poor running below 3k rpm. Put regular unleaded in it asap if you have been running PULP as it has caused many problems for the FZR which were tuned to run on regular ULP mine included. Also at around 9k rpm the EX-UP valve opens up in the exhaust to allow better flow. Maybe seeing you are having this problem at this rpm it is not functioning properly?

    I am not a mechanic but i have an FZR250 so I hope this helps.
  8. Thanks Nightgash,
    I never even considered the exup, as I am new to bikes and especially this exup thing on the Fizzer. I did some research just out of curiosity the other day to see what it does.

    When I think about it that may have something do do with it as when this happened was the first time I really gave it some good throttle. Wonder if it may have some thing to do with the exup opening and my crappy gear changes :oops: as it would have been about 9-10k rpm that I changed gears when it happened.

    When my mate test rode it for my he really gave it a hammering but I know he up shifts without the clutch so I wonder if it has something to do with excess back pressure in the cylinder or similar situation. :?

    HMMMMMM, :? I will have to investigate that this weekend. Me thinks I am going to have to learn how to shift without the clutch. :p

    As for the kick stand switch I had that on the list to check aswell thanks :LOL:

    So how do you find the FZR as a learner bike?
  9. I think its a great learner bike. Uncomfortable on longer rides due to the riding position putting pressure on your wrists. Its got no power low down in the rev range so its not intimidating at all.
  10. For a 250 it's not that bad on the wrists! If anything it's just good preparation for when you jump onto one of the big litre sports rockets with their head-down-arse-up riding style. ;)

    I loved every minute on my FZR250! At the same time, learning the 'nuances' of the FZR250 taught me a lot of what i know today about motorbikes and maintanence, so don't think of it as a bad thing. I love the fact that FZR250's are now becoming more common and popular as an alternative to CBR250RR's on Aussie roads, and always get a stupid grin when i hear one on song. They've got a completely different sound to the Honda & Kwaka.
  11. Well I changed the chain yesterday and took it for a test ride - about 40km all up riding yesterday. I have changed my riding still somewhat in the fact that a friend taught me how to clutchless shift. I only use the clutch now in 1st and changing from 1st to 2nd. I really gave it a lot of throttle yesterday trying to get the problem to re-occur but it never happened.

    I think the problem was that I was changing gears just as the exup was getting to full open (about 10K RPM) but because I was shifting using the clutch this made the revs drop down suddenly just after the exup opened and would have caused a sudden back pressure into the cylinders causing the cylinder to spark out. When I clutchless shift the revs don't drop that much and so doesn't cause the back pressure.

    Cheers for everyones help