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FZR250 uses lots of fuel

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Vitaly, May 25, 2007.

  1. Hi guys ,

    I think there is something wrong with my bike , i spend $ 15 a week :shock: , and only travel round about 35-40kms a day .

    Is that normal for this kind of bike ??

    Has any one owned FZR250 ?? Please advise .

    Thank you .
  2. So you do around 200 km a week, and use about 15 litres of fuel??
    You need litres used over how many kilometres to make a meaningful statement with regards fuel economy..........a dollar price is not what is used to calculate fuel consumption.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I have an FZR250. If you reset the trip meter after filling a full tank how many kms do you get before having to turn onto reserve? It normally goes onto reserve around 180kms. Get around 10 litres for the 180 kms

  4. Yep, it's not getting ridden hard enough! :LOL:
  5. Seriously, depending how it's ridden a 4-cyl 250 should get around 18-20km's/L, which yours sounds like it's achieving, nothing to worry about.

    Sounds frugal to me, obviously you don't own a car/s...
  6. Put it this way, I worked out that my car gets about $1 fuel/7km.

    Your bike is going through say 200kms, $15 worth of fuel..., it would only get me 105km.

    I don't find my car _terrible_ on fuel, but its not great. Your doing fine, thats about right.
  7. Stop wringing it's little 250cc neck!

    My Bird gets city about 14km/L and Hwy about 15-16Km/L

    Your little egg beater seems no better on fuel than my bike, if you buy fuel at about $1.20L, and my bike has more than 4x the capacity of your bike, and weighs 80kg more.

    Glad I don't have a 250!
  8. Dont forget to get it to move he does have to rev it to aobut 12k rpm.
  9. Hey I'm a learner but I rarely have to take it past 6-7k even on the highways

    I recently got 175ks on 7 litres, which was a mix of two longer rides and alot of slow speed local neighborhood practice in traffic. That cost me $10 to refill, my car a crappy excel would have needed about 25$ to do the same mileage.

    I don't really ride crazy, since I'm still learning though
  10. ??

    At 100km/h I would think that it sits near 10k rpm...?
  11. Just over 8,000 on mine at 100 km/h. A bit more in a headwind.
  12. :shock:

    Your bike revs more when riding into a headwind? :LOL:
  13. From the sounds of those usage figures your bike is fine!
    You should get ~150-180km's from a tank before you switch to reserve. If it's less than this it would be worth cleaning your carbs.

    In regards to the 'rarely take it past 6-7k'... PLEASE stop babying the bike around! These engines are designed and NEED to be ridden hard else you'll end up with carbon deposits in the top end and cruddy spark plugs far more frequently than would be deemed normal.
    Due to the cam overlap in these bikes (which is why they've got the EXUP valve) they need to be running between 8-14k for it to be running efficiently. Any less than that and your actually laboring and doing harm to the engine.

    For your reference... with stock gearing in 6th gear @ 100km/h you'll be sitting on 8300rpm; whilst with two teeth off the front sprocket (15t) you'll be sitting on ~9700rpm.

    For more info or technical advice on your bike i suggest you follow the link in my sig to FZR250.com.
  14. try the R1 :shock: