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FZR250 thoughts??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by patske, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. Hi guys, My mates just finished his Restrictions and has a moto guzzi 1000, he is selling his FZR250 for $3,500 and I'm seriously considering buying it this week so before I do i'd like to hear anything you guys have to say about these bikes, problems good points etc... mainly good points haha cuz im really hung up on buying this bike lol my first bike for my learner period sooooo psyched . The bikes in pretty good nick despite a few scratches here and there but he has serviced it well. I've attached a link to a picture of the bike and also my mates moto guzzi just cuz it looks damn cool and im sure you guys will appreciate it, he tells me there are only 3 in Australia of that particular guzzi.


  2. If you're happy with the bike, it's in good condition, you're comfortable on it, then go for it.

    Browse the web for FZR250 sites, look for any issues. Check out redbook http://www.redbook.com.au/mcycle/valuations3.asp?make=YAMA&family=FZR250 for an indication on prices
    Being a "grey import" there maybe parts and insurance issues, it'll pay to check that out.

    Good luck!!

  3. I had the 90 model... bludy good bike... 180km topspeed superb connering. I bought this bike after riding biger bikes for fiew years and I thought I would hate it but as it turned out I loved it and I was very sad to sell it... but than I HAD to buy (and my opinion is not bias in any way shape or form) the best bike in the world a VFR750 :)
    Parts (back 5 years ago) were a propblem now days some wreckers bring in whole bikes from Japan just for wrecking... so they are avalable but pricy... so don't smash it and if you do pick up every pice of plastic so it can be welded up again...
  4. thanks for the info guys, yeah it's my first bike ever and i'll be using it to commute to uni and back so hopefully it will hold up. I'll probably get it with el'cheapo insurance aswell third party or wateva is the cheapest but yeah hopefully I won't smash the thing either :shock:
  5. http://www.fzr250.com/

    Aussie site
    I had a fzr250 too, great little bike. The one in the pic is the 3ln model
  6. dont 2 strokes need to be rebuilt every 2 seconds/5000km?
  7. The FZR is a 4 stroke aint it?
  8. 4 cyl 4 stroke IIRC.

    Yamaha's answer to the Across, Kwaka's was the balius, can't remember Honda's

  9. oh shit, my bad.
  10. There pretty similar in a lot of respects to the cbr250rr's, so they are a good bike. yours looks pretty nice aswell, so as long as it runs ok sounds good to me. i was almost going to buy one but the cbr came up n i was happy with it so i just got that instead :D
  11. Thanks for the link to the FZR250 forum tanyathecheeky, ill def check it out
  12. I rode my FZR 250 into the ground, and it's now in line for some major work.

    Treat it right and it'll be bulletproof.

    A whole load of fun, even when you ride with the big boys.