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fzr250 headlight globes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by lee.T, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. ok ive tried searching for this info but cant find anything, i had to replace a headlight globe on my fzr250 so i took the plug rubber clip etc off and took old buld out which was a h4 globe got a new one but cant for the life of me get the new or old globe to go back in everytime i put the clip with the spring on it pops the globe inside the headlight i cant get it to sit properly so that it wont just pop right through, what the hell am i doing wrong i have worked on cars dirt bikes etc all my life which is making me feel a bit stupid and slightly pissed off that i cant do the very simple job of changing a freaken headlight globe. i am pressuming the h4 globes are the right ones as they were in there before, can any one help before i loose my mind or throw something at it

  2. I'm sure its H4- I remember it was a little tricky, but shouldnt be impossible......
  3. yeah i went back out today for another go after a nice cold drink :wink: and sorted it out it wasnt that hard today, i was trying to do it last night with one eye as i had just had eye surgery and had a patch over one eye so i think it was that that was making it so difficult. still a fiddly thing to do though youd think theyd be designed a little better so the bulb actually sat in a groove or something
  4. Typical- dedsigned as a throwaway, not intended for use long enough to warrant changing a bulb. I am surprised it isnt a sealed beam.

    I dont know which yours is, but if you look at the 2KR you have to drop the exhaust to remove the oil filter. That, my friend, is proof of throwaway design, or 2 different departments not communicating.......

    incidentally a 3LN sump fits a 2KR block.....the spin on filter fowles on the side stand spring lug, but that I am sure can be rectified...

    Hang on I thought we were talking about headlight bulbs.....lol