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FZR250? GPX/ZZR250? Across? CBR250R?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bulby, Sep 30, 2011.

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    Dear netrider,

    I feel somewhat dirty and unfaithful... Having been told by the mechanic that my GS500F might be a write off, I can't help perving other bikes to replace her in case of a write off.

    So yah. What are your thoughts on the models listed in the subject line? I'm actually interested in the RVF400, but heard insurers will want the premium paid in blood for it. That and it's hard to find one in good nick as it's a popular track bike?

    At the end of the day, they might tell me that my bike's not written off and I'll continue to ride it happily. But let me hear your thoughts anyways :)

    Edit: I know about the Across's boot where the fuel tank usually is. And from what I can gather, the FZR and CBR have better performance? Oh, and I'm referring to the old CBR =]
  2. Bulby! :eek: Sorry to hear that, hope you're ok.

    Well, you know I love my little FZR250 ... it's light (140+kg) and has dual front disc brakes (3LN model), which many of the LAMS bikes don't have (the CBR250rrrrrr's do). But it is a grey import, so you'd need to check out who insures them (not all do) and what you'd be up for on that front if you went down that path.

    I think your best bet is to go sit on all of them, (not sure if they let you test ride if still on Ls) and get a sense of what feels best for you.
  3. A couple of bruises, but I didn't break anything except the bike :)

    Have you had any mechanical failures with Tommy? (Sorry if I didn't get your FZR250's name correctly :p )
    A lot of people seem to steer clear off old bikes. I'm just wondering if this sort of fear is justified. Of course, I'm going to get a mechanic to do pre-purchase inspections if I were to get a second hand bike old or new.

    And speaking of greys, has anyone ever ridden one of them CB250F Hornets?

    And what would it be like performance-wise coming from a GS500F? Obviously, they all make less power and torque. But then again, they all weigh a good 40kg or so lighter than the GS500F.
  4. Shameless plug for my currently for sale LAMS approved VFR400

    shameless shameless shameless

    more shameless plugging

    you get the idea.

    If not, the across are a solid bike but ****ing slow. And chick's dig the boot, trust me, they get so excited about having a nice place to put their handbag.
  5. Wouldn't mind a VFR400, if the insurers don't classify it as a high risk bike :)
    But then again, you're in Sydney?
  6. My Across has been a good steed. Has only broken down once due to neglect.

    It is heavy for a 250cc (160kg dry), but it is still easy to throw around corners. Suspension is pretty soft stock but that makes the ride more comfortable, but might be a bit wallowy around fast corners...it is more of a tourer than a sports tourer, but hitting the twisties is fun, just braking late isn't a good idea. Braking is still great for normal riding, but track days make it interesting. In comparison to my VFR track bike, it does lack oomph, but has enough to get out of trouble. Parts are pretty easy to find locally and fair bit of interchangeability with other bikes.

    Overall I do like the bike as a commuter...not so great for twisties, but good enough to have a bit of fun. The extra storage space makes bringing cargo or going through drive-thru a breeze.

    If you want to take my bike for a spin, let me know :)
  7. You should put an actual ad up with a price. Tons of learners here I would be surprised if it didn't go.

    On topic- I would go the ZZR/GPX as they are going for cheap because the ninja looks better but the ZZR is faster and better. The rest are grey so I wouldn't bother except maybe the CBR as there are a lot of those.
  8. Details?
  9. It's advertised on here
  10. Oh good ... I mean good that you’re ok, not so good about the bike.

    No mechanical failures. General wear & tear stuff. You got the name right – good memory (Tom Thumb ... or the whippersnipper. :) )

    Yep, that’s fair enough. If you don’t know anything about bikes, are totally new to bikes, then don’t know what could be in for. General wear & tear through to major mechanical stuff. I still don’t so mercilessly harass those that do! :D

    Haven’t ridden a GS500F so I can’t really compare. But I’d say the initial things you’d notice comparing it to later model FZR250 (which is what I’ve got) would be difference in seat height (GS500 = 790mm vs 735), weight, and brakes (GS500 has single front disc vs dual front discs).

    Don’t think you’d have an issue with power, GS500 47hp@ 9200rpm vs 45hp @ 16,000 rpm or 40hp @ 14,000rpm (later model FZR). On paper top speed looks about the same (FZR a bit higher) and it can plant you on your bum just as quickly if you do something it doesn’t like. :p

    Being a grey import there can be issues with getting parts (I haven’t had any yet), and mechanics willing to work on them if needs be (again, no prob, they do still exist).

    The other thing is fuel /mileage, eg. the FZR’s tank is about 14L including reserve, get around 160kms city commuting, or 180 out of town riding before hit reserve, taps out at about 215 km. It's a high revving little beastie.

    Experiment, do your homework, try out a few of the different ones you’ve got your eye on & have fun. :)

    PS – and if one of these is of interest then the FZR250 forum is also your friend.
  11. *Shameless plug for a ZXR250*

    It's probably very similar to the FZR. I've had mine since 2009 and it hasn't had any problems, just stuff the needs replacing as it's a 22 year old bike. Adjustable suspension all around is great if you're heavy like I am, one benefit over the CBR's.
  12. Bulby, there is nothing wrong with an older bike provided you get a decent one and don't pay over the odds. Both my bikes were old hen I got them, one with 50Km on the clock the other with over 100Km and both have turned out to be pretty reliable.

    As said here grey imports can be an issue in terms of parts availability and also importers have been known to widn back the clock and falsely advertise them with lower k's than have been really ridden (I know it is hard to believe there are dishonest dealers out there :LOL:).

    Being shorter, a lower lighter bike will be easier for you to learn to ride, although once you have mastered it the bigger GS500 may have beeen a more rewarding bike.

    That said, most learners don't ride any bike to anywhere near it's capacity anyway.

    Bottom line is look around and see what you like and what feels comfortable. And don't necessarily be put off a bike just because it is old.
  13. Hornets are probably one of the most well rounded 250s you can get, i would HIGHLY recommend you sit on one and give it a go. Give me a second and ill find a post i did that explains the 10 reasons to buy a hornet from an old thread
    and edit it in.

    EDIT: Cant find it oh well i will write one up for you:

    1. Very comfortable bikes to ride, 500km days on this are no problems at all, sits well at highway speeds
    2. great design, looks like a 1L bike with its fat 180 profile tire and high mount exhaust
    3. round headlight reduces cop attention
    4. Very good brakes, Nissin calipers, rather then no name calipers like you get on most bikes, they will stop you as well as a dual disc lams bike, but with half the weight
    5. very easy to ride hard, ive been riding 2 months and my 180 rear is 100% scrubbed in and my toe sliders fully ground down.
    6. very fast, as fast as a lams bike will go pretty much, 0-60 is about 5.5 seconds if your good with the gear shifts. Will beat any sub supercar + beats GS500f's
    7. amazing sounding engine with epic redline, you just rev it and it just goes and goes. a great feeling to pin it back and feel the acceleration
    8. More interesting /unique bike, most people wont have ever seen one or know what it is when you ride past, or will think its a 600cc/900cc. defiantly gets more respect at road warriors then a ninja 250 does.
    9.very reliable, mine has 52,000 indicated km, probably been around the clocks before, so make that 152,000, its still as tight as a drum and as reliable
    10. very easy to ride slow, because of the low weight and wide tires it has more hang time upright before it will fall over compared to a bike on skinny tires. (i have tested this between hornet at GS500)

    Some negatives:
    1. 16 inch front wheel makes tire selection sometimes a challenge
    2. suspension could be stiffer (but this is because i only ride sportingly, so handling is my goal, rather then around town comfort for my ass)
    3.high mount exhaust makes the fitting of soft panniers a bit of a fire hazard, which limits touring capacity.
  14. Any of those Jap fours are much more sportier than a GS500, you will find you need to rev them a lot more though. I kept my Hornet at about 6-8,000rpm or about 9+ when riding the twisties. They're great engines and so much smoother than the 500's twin so the high revs really don't matter much. I sat on a CBR and realised it wasn't for me, very cramped and far different to a GS500 (and my Hornet which I bought instead, and I had my heart set on a faired 250 of some sort).

    If you're looking for a 4 cylinder bike which has similar seating position to your GS have a look at:
    Honda Hornet 250
    Yamaha Zeal 250
    Kawasaki Balius 250
    Suzuki Bandit 250

    Also instead of the GPX/ZZR250 you'd want to be looking at the ZX2R/ZXR250 as that is Kawa's version of the 250/4, the GPX is a parallell twin and is nowhere near as good as the fours.
  15. Posted this about my cbr250rr, hope it helps, brilliant bike around town, even though it had 8 previous owners & was a repairable write off!:

    i'd stay away from FZR / ZX2's simply as there a very few of them around now....from memory the ZX2C was a brilliant handling bike, very stable & felt like a big bike, actually handled better then the CBR & was more comfy...

    look at the new CBR too just test ride anything before you buy