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FZR250 for a learner???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by RavenWolfe, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. Anyone recommend a Yam FZR250 as a learner's bike? I've been told to stay away from it as it's too 'fast' compared to other 250s...

    (And sorry about posting a bit in the last few days... :oops: If anyone gets sick of my noobie questions tell me to shut up!)

    Thanks guys! :)
  2. No reason at all why an FZR250 wouldnt make a good learner bike... I just bought one myself and whilst it feels fast for the first few days it soon feels as slow as the next 250.

    Certainly looks a hell of a lot better than a cacky old CB250 anyway!!!!

    Have a ganders on www.fzr250.com or maybe try and get your ass on one and see how it feels (the bike, not your ass!)

    They're a great looking bike and dont attract quite the unnecessarily high prices the CBR250R's do! :D
  3. Indeed - no problem with one for a learner. You may need to tinker with them a little though - they're not the most reliable of 250s mechanically speaking. Other than that though, most owners seem to love them, and they're certainly better value than the CBR250, IMO.

    But if money is no object... well.
  4. Hmmmm So far two good reviews.

    Thanks Cossie & Tenoq. :)

    I think it’s not a bad looking lil’ bike & found a second hand one for under 3000 (RWC & 10 month rego), but it’s an import… (My friend said parts may be hard to find due to being an import.) In addition, as Tenoq says it’s not mechanically reliable, it may be harder with an import. Should I look for a non imported one?

    And I’ll try & get on one so I can get the feel of it… (The bike, of course! :p )
    If only money wasn’t a problem… :roll: As the last two bikes I looked at didn't work out, I'm looking at any half decent 250 with a RWC & a rego of some sorts. Saw the FZR & thought "That's not a bad looking bike." And decided to ask if they were okay for a noobie...[/i]
  5. howdy. parts generally arnt too hard to find, there have been plenty wrecked so mechanical parts are easy and fiberglass fairings are around. they are quick for a two fifty and are very rev happy. but then so are most of the 4 cyl 250's. They are cheaper than cbr's and zxr's on average and are less common i have found. They are a bit more comfortable for taller people than the cbr.

    If you can put up with or like the gpx or zzr they are in my opinion a better bike due to them being cheaper and easy on parts. If your not planing on doing much freeway riding then you should also look at the naked 250's.

  6. Howdy Back Sobil. :)

    Thanking thee for your help on parts. A little late in coming but thanks nonetheless.

    Ending up buying a lil’ Yammy FZX250 (Zeal), ’98 model so no fairing, which I take I’ll buffeted to death out on the highway?!? :LOL:

    Do you know anything about parts for this bike? I hadn’t heard or seen them before, and had my heart set on a ZZR, but this one ‘felt’ right. Originally worried about the 70,000kms it had on the meter, but seems that the odometer is broken as it claimed I did 5000 between Camberwell & Glenroy…. While it’s 1000 odd from here to Sydney… So turns out I got a better buy that originally thought! :D (The guy in the shop had been trying to sell it for the last two months & had knocked off $1500 trying to sell it.)

    So far it’s been okay, not that I have much experience to compare it to. :roll: All I know is that after being pillion on the back of my friends ZX12R it sounds like a kids toy! :LOL: Not happy about the big “Zeal” they slapped on the tank & clear coated, and has a few knicks & scratches in the paint work but they add character to it… :) As I keep telling myself “It’s a beginner bike, it’s not going to last me forever!”

    Thanks again! :D
  7. parts for the zeal are almost all available from your local yammy dealer. If you do total it, i wouldn't mind some of your parts as there are a fair few bits and bobs that will fit/suit my fizzer. (mind you nothing on MY fizzer would fit your bike, and i think you would prefer it that way). newaiz i see you at coffee when im rolling again.

    15 months fly's when you are riding. its when you not that it drags on. So rack the k's up and it will feel like tomollow you are shopping for a bigger bike, at least i wish it worked that way :wink:

  8. I had a FZR250 for my learners bike and I could not recommend it more highly. It never skipped a beat and I was sad to see it go :cry: :)