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fzr250 engine

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by adnan12, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Just wondering how many km's will a fzr250 engine last if treated good or even badly? I might be buying one soon....

  2. This lot know everything you'll ever need to know.
    http://fzr250.com/ Aussie FZR250 site

  3. How long is a piece of string?
  4. Twice as long as half a piece?
  5. OK peole think the FZR and the ZXR engines don't stack up to the CBR engine... the truth is they all will last well above 100,000km if treated well I have seen both the FZR and CBR engines run like new with over 60,000km on the clock... It is all in the hands of the owner... regular servicing and good riding (reving the crap out of it and yet not redlining it) will ensure the engine is in good condition..

    All these small bikes can suffer carbon builtup if not readen hard (basicaly changing gears sooner than 6000 rpm) also the FZR can develope carby problems a lot sooner than the CBR...
  6. Hehe, so that would make me the perfect diligent FZR owner right!
    Shift before 6000rpm... WHY? Did you slip and accidentally change gear?
    Taking mine for a good old Italian tune-up today, then she'll be happy again.
  7. Lol goin for the ole Cobweb cleanin huh? :p
  8. FYI: my old fzr250 had over 55 000 k's on the clock and ran great (though did need a carbie tune at the end when I upsized). The engine itself was in excellent condition though and would have lasted another 50 000 had I wanted to try. I changed oil every 4-5000 k's, oil filter every 8-10 000, etc. As lordTB said - it is up to the owner.
  9. I would comment about my fizzer but i don't think that counts..... lolz very good engines. last forever. mine i rekon has over 50,000 and is just starting to use a bit of oil and get a bit noisy, and falling apart, andd.......