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fzr250 electrical problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Paulstar, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have searched here, other forums and used google to find out what might be wrong with my bike and now im asking you guys!

    The other day i went for a ride, pulled over after about 40mins to make a phone call. Phone call over, helmet an gloves (left one first =p) back on, key turned hit the starter but nothing! the lights faded as if the battery was dead. There were clicky noises but thats about it, it started liek the starter motor was trying to engage but there was not enough juice to kick it over.


    I saw a nice older gentleman in his front yard and asked him if he wouldnt mind giving me a jump start (not to sure about clutch starting at that point) and he agrees. He comes out with a jumper pack and clips it on and the bike cranks hard but dosent start. I think i could have fouled the plug trying to start it.


    I leave the bike, try to organise a trailer or a ute or somthing, a nice guy on a suzuki offers to push start it for me. So i agree, i went off to get the bike and thought ill have a go at starting it as i wheel it down to where he was.


    I turned the key on, hit the starter and after about 5-10 seconds it fires into life and i was able to ride home.

    Now i dont want to ride it withoutsussing the problem because i dont want to get stranded. I;ve narrowed it down to possible;

    Regulator rectifier
    Battery (the battery is very new, less than 1000k's and 4 weeks old)

    I would be convinced that it was the regulator/rectifier if not for the fact that the bike started again later on, im under the impression that once this goes, thats it for the battery at least till u charge it again.

    Ideas please? Also does any one know what a regulator/rectifier looks liek on a yamaha FZR250 so that i may visually inspect it and its connections / grounding.

    Thank you in advance
  2. Might just be dirty or loose battery contacts.

    If it turned over and started fine second time round.

    Snug 'em up and coat with grease or vaseline.

    You'll need a multi-meter to test the charge cicuit.

    Battery should read about 12.3 to 12.7 volts with motor off

    and around 14.5 volts with motor running at 2000 revs.

    With motor running run revs up to about 4000 voltage should not go up
    more than 14.7 or thereabouts. If it does the regulator is shot and will
    cook the battery, get both tested.

    Help is available here www.fzr1000.co.uk for all fzr,s
  3. thanks for your reply, I will check out that website. My terminals are tight and clean. I will remove the fairings and have a look at all the wiring tomorow or wednesday. Itching for a ride!!
  4. grrrrrrrrrrrr at that site, registration is near impossible with that 'humaniser' crap...
  5. Don't dismiss the battery terminals so readily. I've had them look good, but cause similar problems.
  6. Good advice, ill remove inspect and replace them. I did about 50kilometers riding today, shut the engine off warm and restarted two times and both times it was fine, it even started alot easier than usual..kinda spooky =p

    I will still be inspecting / cleaning / replacing components, i dont liek sitting around on the side of the road!