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FZR250 90' questions

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by MYToyGE, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. Hey all im new to the forum, n new to road bikes. i just got my learners and im lookin for a bike, i have my eye on a FZR250 90' model with 50k kz on the clock. I
    went to see it lastnight, the bike looked good n started straight away. but at idle the bike made a sound (*excuse my lack or motor cycle knowledge) that sounded like noisy tappits like on a car, the sound was coming from the top of the motor *i think* could it be a timing chain tensioner? or worn lifters. if so. are they easily replaced t
    any ideas would be greatly appreciated

    sorry for the rant.

  2. The most common noise on a '90 FZR250 is a loose EXUP cable causing the exhaust valve to rattle a little bit. Easy fix. That noise will sound like it's coming from the lower front of the bike but is actually located middle at the bottom.

    Noisy tappets (valves) could indicate that the valve clearances are on the more open side of things, which is definitely not a bad thing on FZR's. FYI FZR250's have a tendency of closing up their intake valves. Exhaust valves are generally very very stable and rarely need adjusting. Ask the owner about the service history and find out when it had it's valve clearances last done.

    Any grey market import with 50k on the clock shouldnt be of much concern as it's likely to be one of the bikes that hasnt had it's clocks wound back as much as that CBR-RRRR with 3000km's showing. :wink: The engine's are generally good for ~80k-130k km's.
  3. thankyou verry much for the reply, very informative. i didnt say this before but the noise seemes to go away when being reved if that makes a differance.
  4. as mentioned above +1

    though was the valve train noise happenning when cold? what did it sound like after a ride?

    i believe a little tapping is perfectly normal