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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Saphire, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Hi y'all..
    Seem to have a newly appeared problem, I recently got me a Yamaha FZR1000R. Was running like a dream, not a problem it purred along (SCREAMED when I gave it a bit of throttle :cool: ).

    It was a little tall for me so I had some Height Adjustment Dog Bones fitted,
    NOW .. Seems to be running VERY Hot, and sounds like limited/no oil in/circulating whilst riding (??), and it now is flattening batteries overnite (??).

    QUESTION: Could the Dog Bones changing the geometry of the bike and its height have caused some kind of kink/compression on something underneath somewhere. ??

    I got the bike to take off and just Hit the road,

  2. That sounds completely unrelated. Get thee to a spannerman.
  3. I second the Honorable Member's motion.....
  4. Welcome to an amazing bike. The dogbones are unlikely to
    cause the issues you describe as there is no electrical, cooling
    or oil going anywhere near that area.
    You'll find a bunch of excellent tech info and model-specific support
    over at www.exupbrotherhood1.com .

    Welcome to Netrider where you'll find a bunch of local riders, aussie-
    wide riding info, etc, which doesn't have as much connection with what
    bike you ride, but is more to do with the fact that you are an aussie rider. Why don't you jump over to the "Welcome Lounge"
    section and introduce yourself?
  5. Congrats on buying one of the worlds great bikes.

    I think the problems you are having are un-related too.

    Overheating seems to be fairly common on these, I've had the problem.

    As has been said b4 get thee to a dedicated FZR site.

    I think the best one is Fzr 100 UK, I'm a paid up member there.

    Can't remember the url, google it.

    Welcome, by the way, to netrider.
  6. When you say "very hot" do you mean it gets to 100deg in traffic?
    Cos they all do, that's when the fan comes on, and the temperature
    should then not go up any more.

    If you are cruising at 60-80 the gauge should be in the
    middle of the dial, if you are cruising at 100kmh it should be towards
    the bottom of the dial (mine sits on rock bottom).

    Battery issue sounds like a flat battery, but get it checked at the bike
    shop while you're getting a new battery, because they're not a
    cheap battery and you don't want to bugger the new one too.

    As for noisy engine, we can't tell without riding it/listening to it.
    Have the mechanic check it.
    I guess you could say the magnesium cam covers let a lot of
    "whirr"ing noise out, and they have a straight cut primary gear which
    gives a nice turbo-like whine. So they're not the quietest motor ever
    but there shouldn't be much of "clonk" or "taptaptap" noises.
  7. Mate if your temps dropping that much your thermostat is fcuked(stuck open) replace it. Once warmed up the engine shouldnt drop in temp at all. A cold running engine greatly accelerates wear.
  8. Normally I would agree, I was initially worried about the same thing
    and have had success replacing thermostats for that reason on other
    But the Yamaha gauge covers a very limited range. I checked the
    thermostat, and spoke to 2 Yamaha mechanics, who also happen
    to own these bikes and are good acquaintances, and they both said
    that these bikes are normally like that.
  9. Thanks

    Thanks for the prompt responses to my post,
    I Agree Whole Heartedly, The BEST BIKE ..(I'VE) EVER HAD.. Till I win Lotto and get me a 'Busa that is, :demon:
    The bike , as I said was fine when I got it,, went to mechanic (Yam) for tune, new plugs (Iridium), Carb balance, Lowering kit,and general If it is wrong, FIX IT Instruction, and, probs have been since, Its mainly when I pull up that the heat from the motor radiates out, (or at lights),.. and I do mean HEAT..NEVER had that prob previously .. and there is a more than slight oil like smell,..Took it back, (and of course) nah lady, thats how its 'sposed to be (??)..
    I am a little concerned that if/when I take off to who knows where, that somewhere down the track something wont be right..

    (I KNOW, I KNOW, Female, Blonde Paranoia ..)

  10. Before you do too many more kms, check your oil and coolant levels and that the fan is coming on.

    The FZR engine can sometimes use a bit of oil. A low oil level will make the engine run a lot hotter and makes the engine sound like a box of spanners - though as has been said, it's quite a noisy engine anyway.

    It's not usually a problem for the FZR but some Suzuki GSXs used to cook reg/rectifiers. Owners (I was one) were recommended to keep the oil level topped right up to help keep temperatures down. Maybe something similar is going on here. Unlikely with this bike but you can check the charging easily enough.
  11. Levels

    Coolant is fine, Will check fan operation in morning, .. too tired to do it now going to bed, just got home from a 36 hr shift ..
    Anyone else found that Yamaha (Dealers/Mechanics) WONT look at bikes over 10 years old (??) ..
  12. 20 years I've seen and can understand, 10 years is a bit too finicky IMO.
    But then I'm biased because my bike is 13yo.
  13. Over 10 Y.O. Yam Repairs

    If anyone knows of a good/reliable workshop/mechanic Cairns-Bris, Bris- Melb (via Newell Hwy) please let me know,
    As for age of bike and repairs, apparently they (Dealer) feel/are afraid that the cost of repairs to a bike THAT old will leave them stuck with the bike ie: Owner wont pickup/pay 'cause of the cost, ..

    Call MotoSport Yamaha in Townsville and ask about having an over 10 year old bike serviced/repaired..(although they may have changed their tune since I got in touch with Yamaha and lodged a formal complaint, GOOD response/reply from them, BUT dealer, I've heard, STILL has the same attitude.)..
    My brother is a member of a large club having their AGM up here soon, and he is spreading the word, and letting members know WHERE their Yams can be serviced/fixed whilst in Townsville ..(Opposition Dealer, NOT a Back Yarder)..

    By the way, WHY did I go to Townsville for mechanic ??, ..1/. GOOD Ride, 2/. Cairns can't fit it in (??) .. So THEY say..
  14. Electrics/Help logging pics

    Just been told by Mechanic (???) :blah: that they can't work out WHAT the box under the rear cowl is for and they can't trace it ](*,) ...
    There is also an in-line fuse they disconnected and the bike started first go (that's what they told me):censored:
    NOW, I have taken some pics, but, cannot seem to work out how to put them up,
    Can I email them to someone that can then put them on this forum post please ??? cause I am more than 100% sure, from the answers and help I've had from you guys previously, that It will be sorted in no time flat,..
    Only concern is that i may be wearing out my welcome with so many requests for assistance..(Hope Not)..
  15. It's probably an immobiliser/alarm. I'll send you my email by PM.
  16. Please post the outcome of this thread.

    I'm interested as I keep my old girl on the road myself.

    Mechs don't like touchin' her.

    Oh, and you're right about the oil, keep it at the top level always.
  17. Hi there, picked up your thread via exupworld,

    i had trouble with my battery on my 91'FZR 1K last year. Would loose charge quickly, and struggle to turn the engine over,

    took out the bat and it had 1991 stamped on the side, was not cheap to replace but noe starts a treat,

    And i feel your pain with Yamaha not servicing older bikes, even getting parts is a bit of a night mare

  18. Off topic, sorry.

    G,day Stan.
  19. also off topic

    Hawklord...when will we catch up on a Monday night at Willi for a coffee

    not there the next week due to work

  20. FZR1000 Problem's SOLVED

    Just had a visit from a fellow NetRider (OzzyPete) ..
    The guy is a real gentleman, not only sorted out WHAT the problem was, He actually rolled up his sleeves and proceeded to rectify it,
    seems there was a couple of electrical problems, wrongly wired relay, faulty starter switch, and the disabled (BUT not disconnected from wiring circuit) Immobiliser that was drawing current,
    He took the starter switch apart , rewired the relay, and removed the immobiliser for me , Starts AND runs like it used to ...!!!YES !!! ....
    I am and shall always be eternally grateful to him AND NetRider and all the help I have received with this problem... THANK'S PETE, and all you lot that bothered to respond to my plea for help.. I owe you ALL.