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FZR1000 gets the once over... (pics)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by koma, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Well, i've haven't been keeping very quiet about this but i've certainly been sparse on the details. It's all 97% finished now, just a few finishing touches to go on like R1 blue spot brake calipers, probably some new brake lines and a few more decals here and there.

    Pictures speak louder than words... so here's the goods.

    The decals are all my own work... and the spray jobby and exhaust the credit goes to my new favourite repairers MCR.

    I'm happy with it, although thinking it might be put on the market shortly as i'm less keen to ride it to it's full potential when it's so shiny. If anyone's interested then shoot me a PM, and if anyone's got a ~'02-04 Fireblade/R1/GSR1k/ZX10 at a decent price then also shoot me a PM.
  2. Looks great Koma, damn my restrictions!
  3. VERY nice! I particularly like the subtle decals.
  4. vera narce :)
  5. Sweeeeet..........
  6. looks great mate, you've done a fine job. How long did it take and what budget did it come in at ? Was it a complete rebuild or more of a external make over ?
  7. Dude, lookin sharp!
  8. Wow... looks like they did a great job

    Im jelous :p
  9. Twas just a make pretty fix up job after i was reversed into and knocked off my bike. The total bill was something around the $2200-2500 mark including the pipe, materials, paint, labour, and a set of blue spot calipers yet to be installed... but that was an insurance jobby so the exact quote wasnt the above figure. If anyone remembers what it used to look like there was extensive panel damage to both sides which has also been repaired/replaced.
    I've been suggested to get the mid pipe re-bent to match the exhaust angle with the tail and i quite like the idea so i might look into that. As long as it's not going to reduce my ground clearance or result in pillions getting melted boots. :wink:

    Thanks for all the kind words. She's currently getting tucked into a nice padded bike cover every night and babied around cos im not used to riding it again after spending 4-5 weeks on a VFR750. :roll:

    Oh, again a massive big thumbs up to Troy @ MCR for all his superb work! I never thought i'd ever see this bike looking as hot as it does right now. :grin: :cool:
  10. IT SHINES....IT SHINES!!!!!
    Damn... You'd need some sunglasses to get close to the thing.
    nice work!!!
  11. Holy fcuk Koma, last time i saw your bike was at the alarm install day..... and to say th least it looked nothing like that!!...... that looks hot.... very nice job. Love it!!!

    Cheers stewy
  12. wow that looks great!
    love the decals - less is more & those are real subtle.
  13. How did you know silver was my favourite colour? =P~

    Good job, well done.
  14. :grin: Silver was always on the short list. The other possible colours were black with a blue flake, or a dark purple with again blue flake. In the end it was recommended i go for the silver as it would appear slightly more factory based. The colour is actually based on the one that was available on R1's in ~2003-2004.

    Stewy: Hehe, yeah same bike. You understand why i was so shocked when i saw it for the first time after it had been sprayed!
  15. Someone has damn good taste. Well done! :grin:
  16. should have kept my mouth shut and not intruduced you to him.... never mind.... i didn't expect a thanks.... if i hadn't introduce you to him, id prolli still have a road going bike.... (for a week or two more perhaps)

    Looking slick ;)
  17. Apart from the front, the bike looks beautiful & a nice ass as well :cool: :twisted:

    Well done :wink:
  18. Awee now come on, don't sook about it... and yes i did owe you a thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :wink:

    MG; whats wrong with the front??? It's an FZR1000 which is now 14 almost 15 years old! I'd say for a 14 year old bike it was freaking hawt!!!
  19. Age explains why I dont like the front design, but hey, as you said; for a bike that old you got a f*cking gem mate (didnt know it was THAT old) :grin:
  20. How many K's has she cocked up?