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FZR running... sort of... need help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by bunjumung, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. I was just wondering if any one here could help me out?
    Here's my problem, my bike will rev free as a bird in neutral. It will hold revs, and climb to the 18k redline, but struggles to return to idle. But as soon as I knock it into first, all hell breaks loose.

    It refuses to move on any sort of incline, and even on flat surfaces, I need 6k before I even THINK about letting the clutch out.

    When I do finally get it moving, even with full throttle, I can't get it over 50 - 60 km's in any circumstance. By that time I am revving its tits off in first, so I put it into second, and it bogs down again.

    I have already tried the following to no avail: Float levels
    Timing chain
    Fuel pump

    Any help would be much appreciated :)
  2. needs a carbie overhaul and balance.

    Also do an idiot check that you can push the bike freely. A stuck brake will look a bit like what you described
  3. Make sure your clutch is properly adjusted.
  4. If it was the carbies thoough, wouldn't it bog down even if you were in neutral? I have also fully cleaned out the carbies and balanced them... I am beginning to think it is the compression

    Anybody know where I would be able to buy pistons and piston rings for an FZR?
  5. Not necessarily. Sometimes they cause problems under load that you wouldn't notice when free revving.

    Bit early to be calling compression.

    Check plugs, leads and plug caps. I've had cactus caps present like this.

    also check your fuel tap, hoses, tank vent etc.
  6. OK thanks heaps, as it turns out 2 of the 4 spark plug caps are cracked... so I will get hold of a new set asap
    Any idea whether or not they make universal caps? Because its going to be a b!tch to get hold of authentic ones
  7. NGK make great ones, in all sizes.
  8. It would help to know how the problem started, did it gradually get worse or was it OK one day and stuffed the next?

    +1 ibast
  9. Well, I got the bike in November last year, and got it up to roadworthy by December-ish, got about three days of solid riding out of it before I noticed a knocking noise around the crank case. So me and my father took the engine out and fixed the problem (loose timing chain).
    When the engine went back in, it was top dead centre. But when we started it again it instantly had this problem :(

    Having said that, it was the best 800 k's I have had on the road yet :grin:
  10. That paints a whole different picture!!
    Bike was running fine except for a noisy cam chain. You pull bits off the engine and put it together again, now it won't run properly.
    I'd be doing a very careful check of the valve timing.
  11. Before we pulled it apart, it would bog down in first for the first 10 - 20 metres, but after that it was fine. When we adjusted the timing, a mechanic (family friend) was present, and said there were no problems...

    He thinks that it is the compression, but the only quote I have for new rings is $360!!!!!! :shock:

    So I figured I'd get a couple of other opinions on it
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  13. Yes, but to no avail... it has me stumped
  14. That's about right.