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FZR ownership

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by koma, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Yes!

  2. No.

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  3. I wish i'd owned one.

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  4. Motorcycle's are so passé.

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  1. Now i know this may seem like an odd topic, but it was prompted after my ride home from work yesterday resulted in another un-known rider having a friendly chat at the lights (as i always do :p) revealing that he too used to own an FZR600 and loved it to bits!

    Now this got me thinking - perhaps the FZR range was the previous generation bike to have; just like i'd say that the Gixxer's are the current generations's uber-toy, and a few years back the R1's & R6's were the ultimate play thing.

    So there i was sitting at the lights next to a BMW bike of some sort (sorry, can't tell them apart! They all scare me with horizontally opposed cylinders!!!), hoping that one day i wouldn't look back and say... 'Yeah, i used to own an FZR... or 2', pining for the 'better days' so to speak. So here's the poll... just to appease my curiosity; who has at one point in time or another owned a Yammy FZR! I know a fair few Netrider's have owned atleast one of them (be it a 250, 400, 600, 750, or 1000 (or 1040)) so i'd be interested to see the odds.

    I know it makes no difference at all... but anyone like to enlighten me as the particular 'Kings of the Hill' for the various years over the last 2 decades. I mentioned that i though that Gixxer's were in their prime now, and that R1/R6's were the previous cream of the crop, but how far back does it really go? ...and are there any patterns to it?

  2. My brother had an FZR750 back when I had my XJ900, and I rode it a few times :)

    That's as close as I come I'm afraid.

  3. I remember reading somewhere in article that the FZR750 was the bee knees. With the Delta box and plenty of grunt it made a very commanding package and was highly regarding!!!

    Although i could be wrong i'm pretty sure i remember correctly! Anywhere care to enlighten us?
  4. I owned a FZR600 and absolutely loved it. It would of been about twelve or so years ago. I remember it was the first bike I owned after my little ZZR250. I used to think it went soooooo fast!
  5. i once passengered from tauranga to nelson on the back of a fzr750... hmmm not too much fun... im 6foot so was the driver.....

    we did it in one go ... i was in a hurry to pick up my cb900f.

    this was at the start of a 3000 km tour so we each had backpacks...

    ahhhh the madness of youth
  6. FZR750 was touted as the track weapon to rival the Suzuki 750 developments. As you said; new deltabox frame, EXUP (exhaust valve) tech, and all the shiny new bits Yamaha had bought/developed went into it.

    That said, arguably the best FZR of them all was the FZR 4/600 which was an FZR400 with a FZR600 engine in it. The 400 had the frame weight of the 250, and with a worked 600cc engine in it was an absolute howler!

    I loved my FZR250 3LN-3! (single headlight, deltabox frame, EXUP, the works! :D) Thats part of the reason i was chasing a bigger FZR. Whilst i love the newer Yamaha's (and most new big bore sports bikes) there's something about them that i seem to work well with. Their previous generation tech so i don't mind playing and tinkering, and their complex enough to keep teaching me things. I can't wait to do valve clearances on an inline-4 with 20 valves! :D Sounds like fun to me.
  7. A pillion ride on an FZR250 was what prompted me to finally dive in and buy a motorbike...
  8. Greetings all,
    After doing my time on the trusty VTR250 I finally purchased my first litre bike (1991 FZR1000) in December (2005) - with a bit of mileage (80K) on the clock I was expecting the bike to be a bit tired especially given it was 14years old - but with not a lot of money to spare I was looking for a bike with a bit of get up n go but with a more predictable nature than some of the more screaming looney rocketships of late! - The FZR fitted my guidelines perfectly(esp price). However, I did not expect that my new bike would be so capable, in fact I am over the moon with its performance and handling.

    For a bike with a dry weight around the 200kgs mark my FZR has a balance that defies its "bulk" and old school styling. The handling at low and high speed is excellent and the roll on "oomph" is something else! :wink:

    With my own weight (around 110kgs) combining with a heavy chassis, you would expect the handling to ponderous and boat-like but I am glad to say that I can punt the "old" FZR thru tight corners and roundabouts much more "confidently than the lightweight VTR250.

    I can only comment on the value for money that I feel this bike has given me and the fact that it is more than capable of handling anything my friends on their more modern bikes can throw at it.

    All I can say is "go the FZR" :grin:

  9. I owned an 89 fzr250 back in the days when i was on my p's just after i wrote off my 85 vt250f integra. I would have to say i prefered the vt on long rides because it was bigger and a hell of a lot nicer in the seating dept. the fzr shit all over it in every other aspect. It was a blast racing round town trying to scrape pegs on every corner. great bike i have to say
  10. My first ever big bike was an FZR 100089 model. It was a frightning thing after a 250. :shock:
  11. Well my theory appears to be holding true so far...

    The 250 to 1000 upgrade wasnt that bad... i did the same thing from an '91 FZR250 to a '92 FZR1000. I think it was actually a really great upgrade as both bikes appear to have a similar soul and rhythm* to them.

    That, and i've love to know who decided to vote for my idiot option 'Motorcycles are so passé.' :D

    * Jeebers!! Rhythm is a difficult word to spell, or maybe i've been out of school and uni for too long and my brain is slowly turning back into the grey mush from whence it came.
  12. The FZR250 I had rocked :)