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FZR 400 Dual projector version info needed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by MV, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Preferably a parts manual, if anyone has such a thing.

    I have a headlight that looks like this:

    FZR headlight.

    Which is a dual projector headlight & bolts straight into my TRX, but I need a few parts & I have no idea which actual model it is out of... I have heard 3JT, but I think that's a British model, which doesn't help me.

    Anyone got any clues? Or a parts manual?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Are you sure the projector lights are actually factory? I know they were fitting them to very high-end cars in the late 80s but seems weird that they would have gone to the expense of fitting them to a 400cc bike.

    Anyway, here's the parts fiche for the headlight assembly if it's of any use.
    Looks like it would be pretty straightforward to replace those lens assemblies with one of the countless projector units on eBay (which is why I'm wondering if they're stock).
  3. Cheers JD, I'm not sure that's the same part though, there's also this version:


    Which I think that one is... The main part I need at the moment is the rear rubber covers, but I also need to work out what kind of bulbs they use as they appear to be Japenese domestic market only.

    Pretty sure it's factory, seems to be a Japanese only version, there's is a version of the headlight from Germany IIRC with a projector Lo & standard halogen Hi (or vice versa) that looks like this:

  4. Japanese only model actually makes things a little easier - if you're prepared to spend some time with google translate/babelfish.

    Yamaha Japan has the parts fiches for every model here:

    You have the option of using the pull down menus in the middle to select the model or, better yet, you can enter the frame code in at the top. You'll then have to spend a while working out which link to click on to bring up the right fiche, but it should all be there.

    Good luck. :)

    Edit: Oh and if starts not responding you may have to go to this page:
    And click on the button at the bottom to relaunch it (refresh sometimes doesn't work for some reason)
  5. I got bored. The relevant fiche is number 47 (tried linking to the pic but it won't let me)
    Not sure how to bring up the actual part codes though. The Japanese instructions seem to say something about right clicking on the image but that didn't do anything for me (might need IE or something).
  6. Awesome!

    That great JD, thanks heaps for the lead.

    I'm having trouble with the Japanese, but I'll see what I can do.
  7. ohiogaisaimas MV sensi ^_^