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FZR 250 head stem bearings

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by walkahz, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Hi all
    Im a New member and have just brought myself a cheap 2KR 1989 FZR 250 to get my licence and get me through LAMS.
    Its in ok condition overall but needed a bit of work to make it roadworthy.
    The steering was really notchy so i have pulled apart the front end and removed the head stem bearings (which were cactus).

    Now i get to my main problem, Where to get the replacements. I have read that it is possible to get a tapered roller bearing to replace the lower bearing, standard they are only a ball thrust bearing.

    Does anyone know the part numbers for the bearing? or a suitable replacement that I could get from a bearing shop (much cheaper than dealing with yamaha).

    The only other major drama is a leaking fork seal, how difficult is it to change and is there any special tools required? or am i better off just shelling out that little bit extra and take the forks to a bike shop to get done?

  2. any specialist bearing supplier will have suitable replacements. if the old bearings are still complete, take them in and ask them to find a replacement (they need inner and outer dimensions, width etc)
    fork seals are pi$$ easy, but the valve mount bolt could possibly be seized after 20odd years.
    get a service manual, give it a go yourself