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FZR 250 engine specs?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by eb six on boost, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. hi,

    ive been searching google to find the following info about my bike (1989) and have not been very lucky :(
    hoping someone on here knows the info or can pass on a link to a site.

    im after, power output, compression ratio, top speed etc

  2. Here ya go:
    Specs look about right - seems the same as the FZ250 that preceded it (which was the first 4 cylinder 250). Top speed's going to vary with sprocket ratio but wouldn't have been any higher than 180kph stock since that's the maximum for all vehicles sold in Japan (and even with altered ratios very unlikely that it'd do more than that with 45 hp whatever the speedo might say).
    Edit: Oh and later models (ie post '94) would have been restricted to 40hp to comply with Japanese regs either by reducing rpm and/or compression. Of course earlier models will have lost compression with age too so unlikely they're still putting out the full 45hp they had when new ;).
  3. bbbbrilliant! thanks fellas
  4. 2kr
    1987-1988: Steel frame, single front disk, twin headlight, NO exup valve
    1988-1989: Steel frame, single front disk, twin headlight, exup valve

    1989-1991: Deltabox frame, dual front disk, twin headlight, exup valve
    1991-1994: Deltabox frame, dual front disk, single headlight, exup valve


    3LN Yamaha FZR250 EXUP

    Model name; FZR250R
    Model Code; 3LN
    Engine Start Number; 1HX
    Frame Start Number; 3LN-350101

    Overall Length; 1990mm
    Overall Width; 685mm
    Overall Height; 1100mm
    Seat Height; 735mm
    Wheelbase; 1375mm
    Minimum Ground Clearance; 140mm

    Dry Weight; 146kg
    With oil and full tank; 166kg

    Fuel consumption; 51km per liter at 50km/h
    Climbing Ability 27 degrees
    Minimum turning radius; 3000mm

    Engine type; Liquid cooled 4-stroke, DOHC
    Cylinder Arraignment; Forward inclined parallel 4-cylinder
    Displacement; 249cm3
    Bore*Stroke; 48.0*34.5mm
    Compression ratio; 12:1
    Compression pressure(STD); 981kpa/400rpm
    Max house power; 29.4kw at 14000rpm
    Max torque; 25.5nm at 10000rpm
    Starting system; Electric Starter
    Oil type or grade engine oil; SAE20w40se or SAE10w30se
    Periodic oil change; 2ltrs
    With oil filter replacement; 2.2ltrs
    Total amount 2.7ltrs
    Air Filter; dry type element

    Fuel type; Regular Gasoline
    Fuel tank cap; 14ltrs
    Fuel reserve amount; 2.8ltrs

    Carburetor type; BDST28/4
    Manufacturer; Mikuni
    Sparkplug;NGK, CR8E
    Sparkplug gap; 0.7mm~0.8mm

    Primary reduction system; Spur gear
    Primary Reduction Ratio; 89/35 (2.542)
    Secondary reduction system; Chain Drive
    Secondary reduction ratio; 56/17 (3.294)
    Clutch type; Wet, Multiple-disc
    Transmission type; Constant Mesh 6-speed
    Gear ratio 1st; 34/11 (3.090)
    Gear ratio 2nd; 31/14 (2.214)
    Gear ratio 3rd; 32/18 (1.777)
    Gear ratio 4th; 27/18 (1.500)
    Gear ratio 5th; 25/19 (1.315)
    Gear ratio 6th; 27/23 (1.173)

    Caster Angle; 24.5degrees
    Trail; 87mm

    Tire size (front); 100/80-17
    (Rear); 130/70-17

    Wheel travel (front); 130mm
    (Rear); 117mm

    Pilot screw; 3 turns from right in
    Idle speed; 1600rpm
    Intake Vacuum; 18.7kpa

    Front suspension
    Fork travel; 130mm
    Spring rate; 7.8n/mm

    oil capacity; 390cm3
    oil level; 106mm
    oil grade; 10w fork oil

    Rear suspension
    Absorber travel; 50mm
    spring free length; 173mm

    Drive chain
    Type; 428vs/Daido
    No. of links; 130
    Chain freeplay 20~30mm

    Brake fluid type DOT No.4

    If you have a 2kr (pre-delta box, with exup) all of the above is essentially the same except for:

    Model name; FZR250
    Model Code; 2kr
    Frame Start Number; 2kr-???
    Dry Weight; 142kg
    With oil and full tank; 162kg
    Tire size (Rear); 120/80-17

    For more info head on over to FZR250.com as TanyaTheCheeky suggested. :wink: :grin: