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FZR 250 Electrical Dramas

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by walkahz, May 29, 2012.

  1. I am having a problem with the electrics on my fzr.

    On the way to uni this morning the bike just stopped dead when I came up to a roundabout.
    After getting off and pushing the bike out of the way I couldnt Find any obvious problems, the neutral light and other dash lights seemed really dim and pushing the starter button did nothing at all, Almost like a really dead battery.
    As I pushed it home i would flick the key on and try it, the longer I waited the more battery power it seemed to have, by the time I got home it was managing a weak crank for a few seconds.

    I left the bike alone for the rest of the day and when I got home I went out and it fired up straight away, It ran for a minute or 2 before dying with the same results as the morning.

    I started pulling things apart looking for loose wires etc but have found nothing. I jump started the bike with the car battery and it started and ran fine, while the leads were attatched, the moment i removed them the bike died.

    I have been trying to narrow down the possibilities of what it could be and hav come up with 4 possible causes:

    1. Battery is stuffed (unlikely as it was brand new last week but still possible)

    2. There is a rouge current draw somewhere in the system that makes the battery drain really quickly

    3. Stator coil stuffed (am yet to check the resistance etc but is a possibillity)

    4. Reg/Rec Stuffed, After running the bike with jumper leads off the car battery the rectifier was quite warm to the touch, Is this normal or a sign that it needs replacing.

    Thanks in advance this bike is starting to do my head in!!!!
  2. did you charge the new battery when your first got it?
  3. I'd be leaning towards the battery is not being charged and is being drained..
  4. Regulators will get hot. You need a multimeter to measure battery voltage as per below

    Disconnected Voltage.
    Connected voltage with ignition off.
    Connected voltage with ignition on.
    Connected voltage when running at idle.
    Connected voltage when revving at cruise revs.
  5. Will be stuffed reg/rec for sure, or stator.
    Pushing home with no load allowed the battery to "recover" enough to start, but with no input from reg/rec it drained to flat again.
  6. Sounds exactly what happened to me recently. Turned out it was the stator, and I got a new regulator as well, just in case.