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FZR 250 Custom Exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by RazoRR, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Ok guys im now having the thought that id really love to upgrade the sound to my fzr. Id like it to sound a hell of a lot meaner than wats its like now,Anyonme have any ideas of a good exhaust/exhaust mod that would suit my fzr and mayb give it a bit more zoom?

  2. shorten the stock pipe :cool:

    it'll be louder, look pimp, and cost you hardly anything

    if you have any scratches on the exhaust skin, it's a handy way of getting rid of the damaged area too
  3. Man that looks like a sweet little FZR! I just checked your garage and dam its in good nik.
    If you feel up to it, and have a little know how, I would cut the back off the pipe and shorten it up. Thats if it has an end cap that you can rivet back in place.

    Another option could be to search for a second hand can on ebay or traiding post and mod that up and keep the original in case.
  4. well id like the make her sound a bit dif from all the other fzr's running round. Ill try and get a stock exhaust then, as my bike is the exup model, would i need to get another exup exhaust to cut back or will a normal one be fine?
  5. The Exup valve on these bad boys are normaly just after the 4-1 collector and just before the mid section pipe. You should be right to leave it in.
  6. ok well i guess il start looking around for another exhaust system for her then so i can get it modified and beef my baby up.
  7. why spend any money at all?

    leave the exup valve in place

    just chop your stock pipe :cool:
  8. Thats what was said NAM lol... But he has a really neat pipe on the FZR already, so if it go's to poo, it wont be so good. This is why I suggested he buy a 2nd hand unit and chop that up instead. Then he can leave the stocko as a spare for either rego time or when he's pissed off about how loud it would get.
  9. yeah true, it's going to be loud :cool:

    it might be annoying after a while depending on your mood

    but cut the stocky, if you don't like it, find another stocky
  10. Nah ill keep my stocky as its sweet and ill grab a second hand one and get that chopped, so will it just be louder and will it sound alot better? Any performance difference?
  11. As with any motor, the freer the breathing, the better it will run. But be aware that you may also lean the bike out. This means getting the air and fuel mixture all wrong with more air to fuel ratio and you will get detonation (pinging) at high rpms.

    Im not sure if this will really affect your bike, its a 250 and those things rev stupid high anyway, so they should be on the rich side already.

    So in short, you might get a little gain in power, not alot. Sound, it will be loud! (depending how much baffel you cut out) Ever herd a CBR 250 RR with a after market pipe!! They scream at walking pace :LOL:
  12. well i have had the jets on my bike changed so it's running the leanest mixture possible so will that efect it? I dont want it to short, mayb cut just under half off or something. Will it just make the bike louder with the or will it really make her sound mean?
  13. That all depends on the baffeling inside, and what you want left in there. If you have had your bike rejetted, check with your mechanic who did it and see if it would be to lean for a custom pipe. While your there, also see if he's fitted a better air filter as well. This may have an over all bearing on the mixture aswell.

    After all this, you might be better off just buying and after market slip-on. Im sure there are a few companies that make some for the FZR 250's. M-i-c-r-on is one that comes to mind. Your budget is the only thing holding you back, but also think about when its time to up grade and how much you want to spend on this 250 also.
  14. Who is the company? If i could find a slip on that would be pretty good to, im not to fussed about performance that would just be a bonus but id definatly like to make her sound a bit more throaty
  15. Sorry RazoRR, it looks to me that some words are filtered! Stupid really! I mean we can name lots of other things, but when I go to tell you the company like M-I-C-R-ON it seemed to have filtered it. I bet it wouldnt do that if I typed Yamaha or Honda!
  16. thats a bit silly really, anyway whats your R6 like, im actually looking to get one so id be interested to know if they are a good bike?
  17. well thanks iv had a look at micron but they are fairly exy $$$ so i might just have to grab a second hand fzr muffler then, its a shame as they have some nice ones in there