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FZ8N vs GSR750 - discuss

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by shhh, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Thread title pretty much says it all. What are your thoughts on the new (or newish) FZ8N and GSR750.

    It's the usual case of 'it's about time I upgraded', and I like nakeds. I do a fair bit of commuting (freeway, suburban and CBD roads), but like to get out of town as well. No plans to take it to the track.

  2. I've test ridden both (2012 models) and I preferred the FZ8 - felt smooth to ride, easily flew through the gears and although I remember feeling almost as if I was a little TOO upright, the body positioning for me was comfortable and my legs weren't cramped (I'm 5'10").

    The GSR750 made me feel like I had a pregnant gut (huge tank!) and the seating position was unusually wide.. Also felt like I was sitting in a chair as the foot pegs were further back, but my knees were higher up. Riding wise though, good to ride but didn't give me a huge grin like the FZ8 did.

    Of course it's going to feel different for you so have fun test riding and let us know how you go. ;)
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  3. I've not ridden either. But have sat on both and the FZ8 seems a much better package...

    Not a $2 rear swing arm for example. Better brakes etc. Much higher quality feel.
  4. What are you upgrading from?
  5. Haven't ridden the Suzi so can't make a direct comparison for you, but I've got the FZ8N, bought second hand about 3 months ago. Does everything well, Yamaha Inline 4 gearbox smoothness, nice howl from the engine about 7000 rpm. 81cm seat height, good for commuting and twisties. It's a detuned FZ1 engine so more practical around town. The old R1 brakes on the front so stops quickly when you want it to. Very amenable to twisties. Took it on the QBR weekend ride from Melbourne to Eden last weekend where it ran nicely.

    The knock on the FZ8N is that the rear suspension is not adjustable so can be a bit bumpy if you are a bigger person (over 85kg) or so, although you can customise this to suit using FZ1 parts I believe.
  6. Thanks for the comments so far.
    I'm upgrading from an '06 GPX250. I'm 75-80kg, and 6' tall but have somewhat abnormally long legs and arms (and short upper body) for my height.
    I tested a striple a couple of months ago, and it brought lots of smiles. It's on the list of options, but I'd like to look at something a bit friendlier on the wallet as well.
    I sat on an FZ8N today, and plan to test ride one tomorrow. I'm not sure about the suspension, and doubt I'll be able to test it out properly on a test ride. It doesn't have any preload adjustment on the front (the Suzuki does). Perhaps this doesn't matter for someone of my weight and intended usage. You can adjust the preload on the rear of both.
  7. I'm about 82kg and haven't felt the need to adjust the suspension.
  8. biggest problem for me with the gsr750 is that swing arm, looks like its straight off of a 250cc
  9. Nothing to choose between them on weight, either, both around 210kgs.....
  10. Isn't that good? Small swingarm is less unsprung mass, which is better for suspension and grip.
  11. It looks like it's made of flexible $2.50 cheap shit 3rd quality steel to make it both heavy and flexy as hell.
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  12. Go ride them both! And then ride lots of others too!

    I liked the look of the FZ8 and wanted to like it - but didn't bond with it when I rode it. I know a couple of people with the FZ1 and they absolutely love it!

    The GSR750, again I know a few people with this bike, and they love it (obviously). It looks very different in the different colours as well!

    When I was test riding bikes recently, people did tell me to ride the Bandit as well... which I wasn't going to... but wow that 1250 engine is sweet! Very smooth, nice range of torque. I rode the naked one... but it was a shame it is just an ugly nothing bike style wise in my opinion.

    There are lots of great naked bikes out there at present. I really enjoyed the Speed Triple, and that went very very close to my garage, but alas I found a clear winner elsewhere.
  13. From the two in the OP - FZ8N.....

    Although there are many other contenders in the middle weight naked department...