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Fz8? Or Something Else?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MotorbikeManiac, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I am a long time lurker of the site and decided to make an account. I currently ride a Ninja 250 and recently got my Unrestricted license.

    I have been looking at the FZ8 for my first upgrade, but am a bit worried about the suspension.
    I am a bigger guy 6ft tall weighing around 100kg.
    I enjoy spirited rides so handeling is a big issue for me as apposd to someone solely commuting.

    Any bigger guys on here ride FZ8 or can anyone suggest a better suited bike?

  2. The new model FZ8 I believe wil have adjustable suspension. Not sure when its due to land.
  3. FZ1!
    Thats what I have, I'm also your height and weight and it fits me like a glove...
    Get the full fat version mate.

    I went from a VTR250 to that and it wasnt that much of a shock. The down low on those bikes is timid as.
  4. Ah ok, I might wait and see what the new Fz8 has, I would prefer to buy second hand. But if I do that and end up having to go aftermarket suspension then a new FZ8 may be better idea.

    Haha I dont think I am ready to jump straight on a 1000! Would you say it is possible to become a better rider, riding around a 1000 after being on a 250?
  5. The FZ1 only becomes intimidating over 8000rpm and you're breaking the speed limit around town in first gear by then anyway. It's very easy to putter around on. Seriously mate you're overthinking things. You can get into a decent FZ1 under 8k.
    You'll. Be. Fine.
  6. Honda CBR600RR FTW coming from a 250..
  7. Supersports don't suit everybody, I would love to own one, sadly my back wouldn't.
    But interesting, I had pretty much decided a litre bike would not be a great choice coming from a 250, so I'm in the same mind about getting a 675 - 800, although I suppose it just depends on how you ride it.
    I've recently gone from a 6.0 V8, with loads of power mostly unusable on the street, to a 2.2 turbo diesel which i am having loads of fun with. So I am in the same mind that having a bike with so much power would mostly go wasted.

    I'm so confused, had my heart set on a street triple, but with so much choice out there now I really don't know lol
  8. Your right, it doesn't..
    I'm 6'1 and 120kgs..so I know exactly what you are talking about..
    how about a street triple triumph?
  9. Personally I do like the FZ8, good size for me and a good looking bike.
    I do however love that triple cylinder in the triumph, but the looks don't really do it for me. I know the striple is a great package and I will probably end up owning one. The FZ8 I believe is a great bike, and with the new model coming it will definately be one I will consider. I also like the look of the Z800 in the pictures, shame it's heavier than its big brother.
    Aiming to get to the motorcycle exhibition in a few weeks and have a closer look
  10. @MotorbikeManiac. I'll give you the same advice I give everyone.

    Ride everything you can and buy the one you like the most.

    Some thoughts though.

    My son who is well over 6ft and weighs roughly 80kg loves his FZ6. Personally I find it a little cramped which is strange given I'm not quite 6ft, but I do weigh in at 105kg.

    He has ridden the FZ8 and doesn't like it, he can't say exactly why, just that he doesn't feel 'right' on it.

    My bike is a Bandit 1200. Yes it's a big bike, but it's also very easy to ride. Very comfortable, reasonably versatile, and even the new 1250's are cheap.

    But at the end of the day they only way to know for sure is to ride one yourself.
  11. Ride all the bikes and choose the one you either want to ride gain or the one with the biggest grin left on your face after.

    That said. Buy a nuda 900R :p
  12. Yeah I hear what you guys are saying.. a ride that looks and specs like it would suit, may not be right on the road
  13. Quoted for truth!
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  14. My problem is that I prefer the look of the full fairing bikes, but not the aggressive riding position most of them come with. Maybe a half faired fazer might be worth a look, or go the whole hog and also check out the ninja 1000.
    Anyways like you said, ride them all!
  15. Apologies to the OP. didn't mean to hijack your thread
  16. No problems. Seems we are in the same situation!