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FZ6S v ER6f v SV650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Alguien, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. A little while ago I posted a question about what people thought about a FZ6 v SV650. There were a few votes cast for both bikes so I decided to go and test them both out for myself. I also added in a ER6f to the mix.

    My main criteria for the bikes were that they had to be something comfortable to commute to work on everyday, good for a weekend cruise through the twistys and of course stylish. I've had a naked VTR250 for the last couple of years and wanted to try something with some fairings to keep the wind off.

    Heres my brief comments on the bikes for anyone else out there looking for a 600 cc ish bike:

    This was a very nice bike to ride. A very torquey engine with plenty of grunt from right down low. The suzuki felt good on the freeway and handled the bumps along the M1 with minimal fuss. The major downer of this bike was the more aggressive riding position. Leaning further forwards than any of the other bikes I tested I got the feeling that my bad back may have had issues if I bought this bike.

    I only got to test ride a ER6n from Kawasaki but was told that everything is the same except for the fairings. Of the 3, this bike was my least favourite. Compared to the other two it just felt a little bit harsh. Acceleration didnt feel as smooth and over bumps and dips in the road it didnt feel quite as stable as the other bikes.

    This is the bike I ended up buying. Not as much torque from the inline 4 as the SV650 with a v twin. However I felt that it still had plenty of power for the type of rider that I am. Coming from a 250 the 600's all still feel pretty powerful to me. A much more upright seating position suited me down to the ground. The biggest fault that I can pick with this bike is the vibration coming up through the seat at 100 kph. Riding a little faster or a little slower helps but 100 kph is where you want to be cruising along the freeway.

    Anyways, not a very technical write up but just my feelings on each of the bikes. If the Suzuki SV650S had the upright seating position of the naked SV650N Im pretty sure I would have been riding a Suzuki instead of a Yamaha. As it is Im happy with my choice and look forward to riding the new bike. Heres a peek at the new beast (hiding behind the VTR):



  2. thanks for the write up mate.... those are 3 bikes that i'm currently looking at as well.. hopefully 2-3 months away from new bike :D (more like 4-6) wehre bouts did you test ride the bikes??? i'm guessing slacks creek?? the moss st run? i'm just starting to look around and sit on a few before test riding them... like the fz6 and r6 and cbr 600 so far... didn't like the er6 either.... havent sat on an sv650 yet though.... and they look great.. love Lecters one :)
    so yeah.. thanks for the review

    and the bike looks great:)
  3. I test rode all the bikes down around Moss St. I found that all the dealers were very approachable and willing to negotiate on price. Only place where I didnt have a good experience was Team Moto when I went there to have a look what they had available.
  4. Nice review.

    Don't discount the kawasaki z750 in that group. Its upright, torquey, brilliant commuter and sporty for the twisties.

    More torque than the 600s but i guarantee you very easy to ride when stepping up from a 250....its got a linear power curve. Give it a go!
  5. i've had a kawasaki dealer tell me the same thing livingstonest.... definitely feel nice to sit on...
  6. I would be checking out the GSR600F7, bloody really nice naked bike.
  7. I got myself a sv650 in early jan. I love it, it's a great thing to tear around on. I have added a rack to the back of mine, I use it for work most days, but have a car for the rain.

    Only regret I have...... the 07 model is silver :D Mine is "candy blue" ...
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  9. i reckon the ER6f is the best out of the group
  10. hEAps STUnnIN