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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by christrails, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. This is my first post, thank god my email finally worked on one of these sites, normally hotmail email's wont be allowed to join which sucks because I can't use my ISP email :(

    anyway back on topic,

    The Yamaha FZ6R, will be my first bike but I ride dirt bikes and I am very confident that I will be sensible and will handle this, I really thank the LAMS scheme though because if it wasn't for that we would see many more people killed on bikes, which would have made me getting a bike so much harder.

    anyway again back on topic, is a good bike, haven't seen to many good reviews on this bike and really like it, it seems tame as it is throttle restricted and probably something connected to the ecu so the bike doesn't put out as much hp.

    obviously there is much hate towards buying a $6k ninja brand new as opposed to a $11.5K FZ6r, yes I wont be buying new but anyway I don't think the 250 is enough for me as I ride 450cc mx bikes and enduro bikes.

    sorry for the short post will add more later but I need to go.
  2. Don't apologise, I think you said more than enough........
  3. There is a section here called "Bike Questions & Suggestions", I "suggest" you start by searching through there to see what people say about the bike, it has been discussed a number of time I believe, if you have any further questions just ask in a new post (in the appropriate forum topic).

    On a further note, even while typing this I can see 5 similar threads mentioned below where I am typing...