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FZ6R - LAMS bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by dcbear78, May 10, 2010.

  1. Hi all. First post on here....

    Just got my very first bike ever on Friday. A new Yamaha FZ6R... or XJ6F if they settle on a name? FZ on the decals and website, XJ in rego and brochure....

    Here is the very first real pic of it.

    And when I finally got it home.

    Sorry the pics aren't the best. iPhone camera sucks but is convenient.

    I am still on my learners, although I have had them for 10 years and just need to take the test. I was originally going to get an FZ6N but hadn't realised they change the Q-Ride rules on me.

    This bike is very forgiving to the newbie, as it is designed to be. Got lots of low down torque. Is very comfy to ride and I think it looks great for a learner burner.

    This was the first of it's kind registerred in QLD. QT had to provide an internal code for my guys to register it as LAMS approved as they had not set this model up yet as they had not registered one previously.

    Looking forward to learning the art of riding. Put a couple hundred k's on it over the weekend and am getting better already.

    There is a throttle restriction. I only have about half the distance to turn the throttle as normal. This apparently is an easy fix and will be done at my first service.
  2. Nice bike & welcome on board. I am sure that is a fz6 as the xj6 has less fairings and is more naked in comparison.
  3. This is a brand new model. Basicly a faired version of the XJ's plus the throttle limitation for LAMS approval. From what I have read this bike sits exactly on the 150kw/t ratio so I think the restriction was put in to keep the authorities happy.
  4. I was wondering when someone was going to end up with one of those. Congrats!
  5. wow its surprisingly good looking
  6. why do they bother taking the front rim of to ship, sure it makes it slightly shorter, but by the time you add in cost to do so, supports to hold it there plus package of the rest of the parts it, surely it would be just as easy to ship with it on.

    Either way great looking bike (y)
  7. I knowwwwwww I wantttttt..
  8. I assume that is how it came from japan? So it would be more a case of the rim never went on rather than was taken off to be shipped. Not having that front rim reduces the height considerably so not only packaging is reduced but volumetric charging for freight would be too.
  9. That black plastic holding the license plate under the tail light protrudes so far back and looks a lil different.
  10. Yeah... It's a bit hideous. It is on the to-do list. Also looking at some neater indicators and eventually a Two Brothers M-2 VALE full exhaust system.

    The real challenge is getting this all done without the missus knowing.
  11. Hence its a fender, not a fender eliminator ;)

    Nice bike, one of the better LAMs bikes out there (y)
  12. I saw one at City Yamaha last Wednesday, and they look like a mighty nice bike.
    They look like a really comfortable middleweight… Do you know what the rules for de-restricting them are going to be?
  13. Nice looking bike...
  14. that's a gooooorgeous bike! Looks remarkably good :)
    just needs a tail tidy, and you'll be set
  15. Legally I don't think you can? The only restriction is the throttle restriction, which only gives about half throttle. Other than that the bike and engine is the same as the XJ's which aren't the most powerful bike in the world.

    It doesn't have any form of ECU restrictions as far as I am aware.

    The restriction is actually good. This is my first bike and it has been 20 odd years since I rode one as a kid in a paddock. So I am still getting used to the amount of throttle to give. At least this limits my mistakes, although I am already looking forward to removing the restriction after 300k's and a weekend of ownership. Will get it "fixed" at the first service.
  16. very nice bike!.. luv the colour!!... what it set you back??
  17. Watch it… when the confidence starts to come is when you start getting ham fisted and the restriction could be worth maintaining (For a little while :D)
  18. Nice lookin thing. XJs are meant to be good solid, predictable learner-friendly bikes, so I hope it treats you well.

    Annoys me that they've whacked a fairing on an XJ and labelled it an FZ. Fuggin marketting d*ckheads. Same with 650 "Minja" bullsh*t.
  19. Or the 250 ninja! Ha! Does nothing but devalue the brand as a whole, I reckon.

    Bloody good looking bike though.
  20. Ranting OT, but...

    The only thing about the Ninja 250 that makes me not include it in that group (although it really is...) is that it's still based on the old EX250 (GPX/ZZR etc) platform, and the GPX was originally branded 'Ninja' - being about as sporty as road bikes got in the late 80s. Closely related also to the GPZ, which were pretty gnarly from what I've heard, especially with a turbo strapped on.

    Still, the point stands. Nowadays CBR*RR/Fireblade, GSXR, ZX*R/Ninja and (yzf)R* should be kept to the supers.

    Labelling a glorified commuter or LAMS bike as something it's not is, exactly as you say, cheapening the brand.