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fz6r and ninja 650l request

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by msjrules03, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. hello

    im wondering if anyone with either of these bikes would be able to make a video, or has a video, of their bikes accelerating with the restrictions in place

    or show the rpm the throttle stopper comes into place

    i have looked on YouTube but most are just full powered acceleration

    many thanks would be given

  2. I had a Yamaha XJ6SL while on my restrictions, essentially the same bike as the FZ6R except with less fairings, the throttle restricter will not stop it revving out all the way past redline while in neutral, its a different ball game once you have the engine under load and are moving.

    The bike takes off pretty well, the issue it has is that you have nothing left if you say, cruising along in 6th at 100ks, the only way to accelerate is too drop down a few gears to get the revs up where there is more power, they have a nice kick of power at around 7-8 grand.

    My honest feeling on these bikes is, don't get one unless you intend to de-restrict it, I test rode one & when I got back I knew I would remove the throttle stop (I got pretty good & installing/removing it too, did the job 6-7 times)..

  3. believe this is the restricted model. It still goes all the way up to redline rpm wise but takes longer to get there than (say) on a ninja 1000 ;)
  4. my intention was todo that as for 150bucks i can put the restrictor back on the FZ6R for services/reselling so i was most likely going todo that anyway.
  5. Cool, best to go in with your eyes open...

    It was an awesome bike once un-restricted, a great learner ride, pretty neutral steering & handling, only thing to watch for is that sports-bike like kick it gives at around 7-8 grand, it seems the engine remembers it originally came from an r6 when it hits that point in the rev range.

    On the 650rl, it has 2 restriction points, a throttle restrictor & something under the seat that needs to be by-passed, haven't seen it done but apparently not to hard, the downside of the Yamaha is you need to remove some fairings & be able to adjust the freeplay in the throttle cable as the de-restrict bracket is not exactly the same as the stock one.

    I wouldn't bother with putting the restrictor back on when getting it serviced, the mechanics don't care what you do, I even swapped it back on for the road-worthy & the shop told me it wasen't a roadworthy item anyway..