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FZ6N NOT LAMS approved!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by catch-22, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. A lot of threads talk about the yammy FZ6N and its LAMS approval, however, RTA does not list it. It does list a XJ6 however. Someone pls clarify?? NSW.

    Also, can I have a restricter fitted to a Yamaha XJ6N to make it learner legal. Again, RTA site states that with a XJ6NL (25kw) it is legal....

  2. Someone has to apply to get a bike listed, maybe that hasn't happened.

    Though you would think Suzi sales department would do it.
  3. Yamaha sales even :D
  4. I would be careful if you are planning of getting the FZ6 as a LAMS bike despite Yamaha saying it is. It appears as above in NSW the RTA doesn't list in it and I believe it is the same in VIC at Vicroads.

    A couple thursday night mystery rides (VIC ride) ago there was a learner on one of these bikes and the cop that was present at the meet point told the rider it wasn't LAMS and for him to immediately get off the bike and to get it towed home. It's a thin line regarding the LAMS eligibility of this bike so I'd tread carefully.
  5. Yep, not on the list, not approved. Its simple.
  6. Well it isn't listed as being a LAM's bike on Yamaha's website, the FZ6R is the one they have as a LAM's....

    If someone has gone & bought an FZ6N thinking it is LAM's approved, then they have made a big boo-boo....
  7. NONE of the FZ6's are approved according to the RTA....which is my point. I have read on this forum that they are. I believe the RTA :)
  8. Some of them were approved under the name FZ6RL until recently and is the bike in question. Maybe after Yamaha fudged the p/w numbers the traffic authority figured it was over the limit and is no longer LAMS eligible. I still see a couple of these bikes in my neighbourhood with L plates hanging off the back from when they were LAMS eligible.
  9. Whoops. Good point :)
  10. ahh OK so they were approved at one stage and then removed.....that explains it then.

    Cheers for that.
  11. Bingo
  12. Yikes. If that were me I'd be taking the bike back to the dealer and demanding a full refund on account of it being unfit for intended use - unless they were willing to put in writing that it is a LAMS approved bike (and be held liable should the police believe otherwise).

    Edit: The Yamaha website does still list it as being a Learner Approved motorcycle.
  13. The cop was good and didn't fine the rider. Also the cop suggested exactly that and after bumping in to the same rider in the city a few weeks ago he said he'd gone to Yamaha and that they blamed Vicroads who blamed Yamaha but don't know what happened in the end.
  14. Sounds like it might be too small a number of people for either Yamaha or Vicroads to care.
  15. Another bingo for you.

    But in the end the poor dudes riding these supposed LAMS bikes suffer and have to go thru some hoops to have it all cleared.
  16. OK so the controversy is about the LAM's approved ones (or now not LAM's approved)..

    The FZ6N the OP originally mentioned though has never been LAM's, so hence my post..

    But you are right though, the vic LAM's list is dated 21 September 2010 & no sign of the FZ6R...
  17. Probably also a question mark over their insurance as well, particularly if the cops attend the crash and deem the rider to be unlicenced.
  18. sheet yeah...good point.