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FZ6N Handlebars

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Jez79, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows if I can fit clip ons to an 05 FZ6N. I just find the ride position a little upright and prefer the sports bike feel, its just that I like everything else about the naked..

    Still hunting for a bike so if anyone can suggest a naked bike with slightly more aggressive ride position that would be great. (Budget 7k) Prefer an i4...
  2. There aren't many nakeds with clipons, the sv650s (semi naked...) has them.
  3. I’m thinking the same thing about my Hornet 900.
    My first ‘roadbike’ was a Kawasaki zephyr 750 which I fitted ‘Ace’ handlebars [ similar to these Triumph ones: http://www.bellacorse.com/images/bcc039.jpg ], but I thought they swooped too far forward & out compared to clip-ons. Still, it was the cheapest option compared to getting bolt-on clips-ons & a top triple clamp without the ‘bar clamps, like these : http://www.mgcycle.com/410181135w.JPG .
    Hard to source Ace ‘bars nowadays.

    Funny that I bought one of the few bikes fitted with flat ‘bars & I want to retro-fit clip-ons onto it, but nakeds with low ‘bars are kinda cool I reckon.
    Ducatis’ Classic sport 1000 http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/photos/12_Ducati_Sport.jpg as an example of nakeds with clip-ons is alittle too much of a good thing for the ulitarian use I’m curently putting the Hornet to at the moment.

    I’m trying a halfway option of swapping the standard ‘bars with Renthal Road ‘Bars in the Ultra low bend (part#758-01). Picking them up tonight, I’ll see how they go. Hope I don’t have to mod the front bake reservior to fit it all in.
  4. Gday Marx, Glad I'm not the only one.. I love everything about nakeds except for the upright posture, it just feels too distant from the front end.. Please let me know if the Renthals help.. J.
  5. Not sure if they'll fit on the FZ6 but suburban machinery do a nice set of handlbars and they list a set for the FZ1.

    I am thinking about seeing if I can get a set for the z750 as it is a bit too upright for my liking!

  6. I tend to find leaning forward helps. :LOL:

    Seriously though - I've found I love the way I can move around on the naked bikes. The ZX9R had a lot less flexibility in where I could seat myself: but the Tuono lets me put the head-down, bum-up when I'm scratching; then sit-up when I'm commuting. Can't you roll your bars around to give different angles anyway?
  7. The standard Hornet 9 'bars are alittle too high & swept back, makes me ride with my elbows down & in abit. The Renthal option I'm fitting up is very similar to the Tuono, KTM Superduke & Brutale sort of 'bar angle.
    When the 'bar angle feels wrong from the outset, spinning the 'bars forward or back just makes it feel 'wrong abit forward' or 'worng abit backward' .

    I'll post a pic when they're on this weekend. kinda worried about fitting all the controls on though, the Renthal doesnt offer as much free bar space before it bends down towards the triple clamp compared to the stock 'bars.
    We'll see.

    (For a roadbike, these Hornets make for a good dirtbike, gravel roads are almost fun with confidence inspiring bouncy soft suspension & neutral feel - elbows up, inside leg out, weight the outside peg & let it all hang out ).
  8. I know a lot of guys with Hornet 600's that have fitted Renthal Ultra Low's to their bike.
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  10. Yeah, the clip ons would be great but there's nowhere to put them. They'd hit the tank too, which is a bugger. I'm thinking a pair of renthal flats or the ones like laverda bars might be the go.

    Its just hard to know if its going to be ok before having bought the bike!! Would be great if I could spend a day with it and actually swap em over, but you can guess how likely that is :LOL:
  11. YES FZ6N use clipons in the FZ6 Cup naked racing. (ooh the image) :LOL:
    see www.yamaha-motor.com.au and click on "FZ6 Cup" for more info.
  12. I have heard around the traps on the older FZ's to turn the over (upside down) to lower them a couple of mm's...

    Don't know if this is feasible or not...

    Might be worth a try...