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FZ6 Fazer 07 to now

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Julien, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Guys

    I'm looking for my next bike (first bike was a GS500E) and am looking at middleweight options. I'd love an Aprilia Shiver or a Street Triple but I'm afraid that budget doesn't really stretch that far at this stage...

    I test rode a 09 FZ6 Fazer on the week end and really liked it. It's hard to tell though because it was only a 10 minute ride and it's the first bike I've ridden since my GS...

    I've searched the forum about this bike but it seems that reviews are quite old. The engine of this bike was substantially modified in 2007.

    I am looking for feedback from FZ6 owners in particular but am really interested in hearing any opinions on this bike.

  2. From what I've read, in 07 they got revised fuel injection, different cams and 4 point injectors, supposedly "fixing" the somewhat peaky nature of their engine by beefing up the lowend a bit (reviews are mixed as to the actual difference).

    The engines from 07 onwards are black, the instruments are different and now have an analogue tacho (vs the distinctive round "pod" of the earlier model) They also gained a stronger alloy rear swing arm, where previously there was a pressed steel item.

    But I haven't looked at Fz6's i swear........:-$

    You should probably test ride a GSR 600 as it is Suzuki's equivalent and a cb600f etc etc
  3. I love my Fizzer :p

    You should buy one, you won't be disappointed.

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  4. I love that picture! It's a great looking bike, and exhibits typical Yamaha build quality. I did 500km on one. It was smooth, comfortable, and rider-friendly. Docile at low revs but explosive once wound past 8,000-10,000 rpm. However, despite how much I liked it, I was left wanting a bit more bark and bite, perhaps just a hint of drama. Also, can't say I liked the digital tach on pre-07 models.

    Competing Inline-4s include the Suzuki GSR600, Honda CB600F (CB900F's in same price range) and Kawasaki Z750 (if you can stomach the styling, I can't). You also have the poor man's Shiver, the Suzuki SV650 (that's bound to piss some people off :p).
  5. Ive had my FZ6s for about a year now it was a demo with 4000 on it for 9.500k I hadnt had a bike for about 20yrs and was tossing up between Fz1 and 6 and liked them beacause they looked comfy as my back is shit.
    I didnt even ride the FZ1 cause I loved the 6 straight away and it was a lot cheaper.
    1 year on I still luv it and have been to Tassie and done lots riding around dandenongs read twisties.I went through a stage of wanting clipons and a loud pipe but you cant really put clipons on it with the fairing (which is excellent by the way) and pipes are really expensive cause they are underseat.
    Ive decided to keep it as its a real good allrounder, you do have to thrash it
    but it loves a beating and as for the sound ,its real good above about 8000rpm and only gets going around there anyway.
    I dont comute on it by the way as I ride my pushy to work but its great in traffic you can pull the mirrors in and squeeze it just about anywhere my mountain bike with downhill bars fits.
    Seat is great for pillions ( chicks ) save the legs around the ears for after the ride I reckon
    I got busted for turning when I wasnt supposed to and the foxy cop chick even thought it was awesum (still gave me ticket tho)
    As long youre not looking for an all out bike to ride track on... Buy it

    Buy it
  6. Ive just posted on my buying decision (speed triple) but rode a nice ex-demo FZ6 (silver) at Sydney City Motorcycles (kogarah).. was a nice tight package..

    Its certainly a good option but Im sure you can get a very good deal on them cause everyone is having a look at the trumpys and Yammy has hung that model in a very difficult place.. if you can get a bargain it could be a great buy.