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FZ1N vs 900 Hornet

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Farab, May 18, 2009.

  1. Anyone own one around here? Any thoughts, reviews, etc., as an all rounder - commuter, 2 up & weekend toy? I have heard some issues with "snatchy throttle / EFI" . I am especially interested in anyone's thoughts about the FZ1N vs 900 Hornet. Thanks guys, will check in later.
    Guess I can add that I got my hands on a FZ1N yesterday and really enjoyed it, 1 & 2 up. Didn't really find it lacking in the lower rev's for city work, an interesting motor with character. Just had it for a few minutes though, so not really a proper ride to have a thorough opinion of it.

  2. Mate in my books the hornet9 wins hands down. such a great bike and there is no problem with the so called snatch of the fuel injection. But as many people will tell you ride them both and see which feels better for you. if it was me it would be the horny 1 for sure but ifs personal preference. I've ridden both and the power delivery of the hornet is great and the roll on from 80-100 (or more) is fantastic a very lineal power delivery and a great all round commuter. the bike is a de-tuned fireblade engine so there is plenty of power there to make specs of thoes cages especially in the mid range which is where 99.9% of people use the power :wink: also they are going for a steal at the moment $9990 drive away (i think) and i have always liked honda build quality and reliability.No problems with two up either. Don't get me wrong the FZ is a good bike but if i had to pick one....welll u know my answer :grin:
  3. Both solid machines and a good buy. Ive ridden both and much as it pains me to say it, to Loz's glee, I would chose the Hornet. There a bargain bike for what you get and pretty bullet proof.
  4. For the same money, I'd probably get the FZ1 - better suspension, brakes and frame, they look better and I really noticed the FZ1's extra power on a trackday I did against one on a Hornet9 - he was really flying past me down the straight. So... IN YOUR FACE KENNY! :p

    Having said that, I think the money factor is fairly significant - H9s are going for as little as 5 or 6 grand secondhand - and that's a MENTAL buy for the bux. If you can find a good one for a good price, and you like it, the H9 is a sweet all-rounder and I'd own another one in a heartbeat.
  5. Hornet is really 9990 ride away? Wow!
  6. I'd like to know where do you people find these deals because here in NSW all I can see is 9,990 +orc, or 11,300 ride away... I'm sure it could be bargained down a bit but it still seems some way from 9,990 ride away.
  7. I went close to getting a run out Hornet 900. They're a fantastic bike ... very well sorted and extremely forgiving. 9990 on road would have convinced me at the time.

    Nothing wrong with the FZ1 either.

  8. Either way 11300 ride away is the same price now as 6 bikes were being sold out of Honda World nearly 6yrs ago. After spitting out my coffee all over the add back then I nearly bought one, but an FZ1 tripped me over on the way the door.

    The price is right (cheaper than FZ), the bike is right, now make sure you and the bike are the right fit ;)
  9. I've had a new (run-out) Hornet 900 for around a month now and WOW, what beautiful bike. Great in the traffic, very nice on the open road, and a quality bike. From memory mine was around $10,900 on-road. Wouldn't swap her for any bike in the world (well, nearly any bike, lol). As for the FZ-1, I've never even sat on one, so I can't offer an informed opinion.
    Good luck Anyways!!!
  10. Thanks for the input. I already have a H9, but as mentioned in another thread, I really regret not taking a FZ1N for a spin before getting the H9.
    I'm with Loz, the FZ1 is better looking with better brakes, suspension and quite a few more ponies. Will have a think about it and keep my eyes open for a demo...

    Any news on when the next generation FZ1 is to be released?