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FZ1N, FZ6N, GSR600, Moto Guzzi Breva, KTM Superduke Ideas?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Conny!, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Been awhile since i posted on these boards. But it has been awhile since i've owned a bike.

    Last winter i wrote my VFR750 in a sad evening.....

    But this summer i am keen to get back on the road on something awesome. I've just been on holidays through France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Seen the awesome roads but from the back of a coach. Now i want a new bike to get my road craft up and then head over there and do it again on 2 wheels.

    I'm after a mid-sized to large naked. For looks and also comfort. I'm 6' and around 100kg so need something decently sized.

    Mate has just bought a CB1300 so i'm steering clear of the CB range, I want something different :p Also, i've just never liked the CB600 or CB900 style.

    The duke is on the top of the wish list, but realistically it costs too much.

    GSR600 was on the top of the realistic list, but I sat on one, and it just feels too small. I would still like to take one for a ride. Hopefully i can get A1 motorcycles do let me demo one.

    Tomorrow i'm taking both forms of the FZ for a spin. So i'll see how i like them. But the FZ1 seems to suit my build more. But i'm not sure how i would go with a litre bike. I didn't like how heavy my VFR was through the twistys. I also used to ride dirtbikes, so like to be able to throw the bike around easier.

    But i also saw a moto guzzi the other day and didn't think they looked too bad. Not sure how I can get a test ride of one of those though. Just don't know a lot about them.

    But the Superduke, it has been on the top of my dream list for a long time now. I'm scared that if i test ride one that i'll sign my life away. But i think i have to try one anyway before the purchase. The reviews all seem to be onto what i want.

    But any guidance, or advice or suggestions is welcome please. First hand experiences will be greatly appreciated, expecially for the moto guzzi as i'm in the dark on that one.

  2. Well I'm kinda in your position the other weeks. I fixed my problem by getting a Speed Triple. MInd you, not the 1050 but her cheaper sister, 2004 995i version. Have tons of characters with almost the same money as your previous mentions models.
  3. what about the benelli Cafe Racer? Sure it's a bit more expensive.. ok a lot more expensive then most nakeds, but I think it's personally worth it.

    The riding position is perfectly placed not leaving my hands soar and the clip on bars are just awesome. It handles like a supersport and I cant rave on enough about how good it is and feels throug hthe twisties.

    Sure it's expensive but this triple has presence unlike any other bike I've seen. It sounds good, it feels good, it looks good... hell! It is good!

    I love mine to death and wouldn't swap it for anything, even if it's electricals can be somewhat exotic at times.

    Anyways, chew on some pictures I snapped last weekend of newie at a dealership.

    BTW - This is the only one I know off left in a dealership for NSW - dont know abotu the other states.

    A.) because the market for these bikes is so small it doesnt warrant the dealers to have more than 1 or 2 at a time.
    B.) Overpriced
    C.) terrible history = no confidence



  4. Re: FZ1N, FZ6N, GSR600, Moto Guzzi Breva, KTM Superduke Idea

    You got that right. Test at the peril of your bank account!
    You might be surprised at how cheap some of the used ones are though (especially 06 and earlier with the small tank and dodgy mapping.)
    Great twisties and city bike, not quite so good as a tourer.

    If price is not the issue, You might look at the Griso rather than the Breva. More of a sporty bike.
  5. p.s forgot to mention that if you're after a fuel efficient bike forget the nelli! It's absolutely shocking.. but WHO CARES hee hee!

    Now if money is no object I'd suggest goign with the BIMOTA DB6 Delerio - that's what i'd get if the mrs didn't cut my spending limit. :(

  6. Bandit 1250s

    nuff said.
  7. If 1980's looks are what you're after then I agree with Transformer. :p
  8. I say GSR only because I have one and love it. My choice was between the FZ6, CB900 and GSR. I picked the GSR because the FZ6 felt uncomfortable and the old CB9 are a dime a dozen. The GSR is great value for money and does all I ask of it. Raceway has 1 in stock I think it is a K7 as it is red and I bet you would be able to pick it up cheap as these bikes are a bit of an orphan. I have a set of Leo Vince cans and braided lines fitted so it now sounds great and stops good.
  9. Don't cheat yourself out of a test ride of a CB900. I guarantee you, they're a world away from a CB1300, they're a cracker of a bike for just about all purposes and you can buy them new or second hand for criminally low prices. Ride one before you count it out.
  10. Just supporting Loz on this one... Hornet's are lots of fun, especially for the price. But if you're not into the style... fair enuff.

    FZ6 I found to have snatchy fuel injection (not good snatchy), and the big Bandits feels like boats to me... big, heavy and boring. They're fast but they don't feel it... which is the opposite of what I like!

    Still... you're test riding so you'll find all of this out yourself!
    Good Luck!!!
  11. First thing you need to narrow down is whether you want a litre bike or a 600 I guess. How much do you really want to spend?

    The FZ1 will be horsepower king, but all the reviews say they are a bit boring. I went from a 900 Hornet to the Tuono as I wanted something with better suspenders and more power. I imagine the Duke would be very similar the the Tuono; aggresive power and quick handling, which make them a blast to ride! The speed triples are a fantastic bike as well, the only thing that sold me on the Aprilia was the small amount of fairing that it had (And doesn't look like a grandpa screen :LOL: ).

    I can't comment on the Guzzi's, they are probably a bit left field for me, but if I had plenty of cash and a couple of bikes, one would be sitting in my garage. Have a look at this one.......


    I love this, carbon everything, ohlins...... drooooool......that thing looks so horny in real life!!!

    As Loz said, do go and ride a hornet as they are a lot of fun and easy to ride. That said, they are made to a budget.
    Let us know how you go.

  12. Re: FZ1N, FZ6N, GSR600, Moto Guzzi Breva, KTM Superduke Idea

    I know you don't want something too big, but the GSX1400 is a real surprise package. I'd definitely add it to your test ride list.
  13. Go for the GSR600, my uncle just bought one a few months ago and reckons it's great. Might seem a little small when you sit on it but should feel good on the road.
  14. Well i've seen a few suggestions. Some great, but out of my price bracket.

    I hear what people are saying about the CB900. But its just not a bike that has floated my boat. I will take one for a test ride if i can find one.

    I took the 2 yammys for spin on Saturday. Took out the FZ6N first. It was an '08 from Yamaha city. Took it up footscray rd, then around the Bolty and then back to city and around casino, then back into city.

    Was nice and light, but i didn't like the snappiness of the throttle response. It was very catchy. Still, i found it comfortable and very maneuverable.

    I then took the FZ1N, another '08 demo. First thing i noticed was my legs got a bit splayed. But once i was moving i found it very comfortable. Even though it was a bit heavier that the 600, i still found it easy shift around, and found it a bit more stable through corners. I also preferred the throttle response of the big bike more. From the low revs up was smooth, and then getting the revs up it sounded and felt awesome. I got back with a huge grin on my face.

    So the FZ1N has gone to the top of the list. I will be taking more test rides, as this is the first time i've been riding a road bike in awhile, so it might just be excitement of being back on the streets again.
  15. +1 the second-hand Superduke
  16. the superduke is an impressive ride, fuel range err not so :cry:
  17. I like the FZ1N. Its a mean looking bike. its kind of like the Z1000 but i prefer the FZ1N
  18. Go easy Stewy...I got 160k's the other day :LOL:

    To the OP you can pick up used SD's for pretty good prices at the moment...fuel range is er... challenging but other than that it's an awesome bike!

    I love mine to death...plenty of power, awesome suspension and brakes...and so far VERY reliable :)

    Here is one for sale... it's orange but don't let that put you off

  19. what were you doing to achieve that walking beside it :LOL: :p
  20. Well with all the economic issues going around at the moment, and re-evaluating my finances after coming back from a 6 week holiday I've found my budget, and even a cheap super duke doesn't fit in it......

    I'm looking to try and spend around $10k on the road. But I also need to get a new helmet after my last stack. And my next helmet is not going to be cheap one. (first one wasn't cheap but wasn't gold plated either....)

    So its down to a 2nd hand FZ1, possibly CB900, GSR600.