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(FYI) Western QBE Claim- My experience

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Danielle, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Just thought that I’d share my experience of Western QBE when it came to actually making an at-fault claim under a comprehensive insurance policy.

    The incident occurred 21 November 2007. Its now 2008 and I still don't have my cheque! The claim was ready to be finalised around December 12/13. It was decided the bike was a write-off as the damage bill came to over 70% of the purchase price of the bike.

    I returned the total loss form as well as the proposal for my new insurance to QBE by post. QBE received my proposal, and my new insurance was issued. They mysteriously didn’t receive the total loss form that was in the SAME envelope... and so 3 weeks later I still am waiting for my cheque for the written off bike. I've emailed them this form again and they say they will finalise it today.

    Also, they tried to make me pay an 'inexperienced rider excess' despite the fact I've had my learners & license for over 4 years. They told me when I lodged the claim that I will only pay it if the VicRoads driver history shows I have had a license less than 3 years... but they decided to process my claim without bothering to order my driver history.

    As well as this a couple weeks ago I got a phone call from some kind of accident lawyer. Apparently QBE had not followed up with the lady’s car that my bike skidded into. I provided him with all the details and the claim number etc. I felt bad enough for inconveniencing her by denting her rear bumper bar and it buckling out on one side.. the fact she had to contact some legal person (maybe he was a friend of hers, not sure) shows that QBE really weren’t going out of their way to get her car fixed under my policy.

    If it wasn’t for them losing the total-loss form and not bothering to order my driver history, it could've been a very easy and straightforward process. Nov 21 - Dec 13 would see the claim lodged, processed and paid out in just over 3 weeks which is not too bad at all. This wasn’t the case though. I am not going to bother changing my current bike away from QBE. I just plan not to have another incident! I couldn’t change it anyway.. my current bike is a grey import so not many companies want to insure it.

    Hope this helps you if you’re thinking about insuring with Western QBE or if you're making any insurance claim. They do say "you get what you pay for" and QBE (after price-beat) was the cheapest insurer. It looks like I should get paid now that I've emailed them the same form I posted them and they lost. Their service was not good in my case.. but it was not totally shit either, they did not refuse to pay up or anything. I’ve kept my rating 1 as the rating remains if you have under 1 at-fault claim per year. So that’s a positive. On the flipside, my insurance excess went up with the new bike by $200, when I thought the premium was the only variable. Just something to note when getting a new insurance quote after an incident.

    *Use EMAIL as mail can get lost between departments. It is quicker, and you always have a record of it. Email the main claims address and always CC the same person (e.g. the one who lodged your claim.) If you don’t have a scanner, just take a digital photo of your signed forms and attach that to the message.
    *Always use registered post.
    *Ring weekly for status updates.
  2. Sorry to hear of your issues with them. I have had bad issue with them for a not at fault claim (all details supplied). Two months on and I'm still waiting...

    I'm going to get 3rd party with another insurer as wQBE have given me a bad feel for the insurance industry. I really CBF'd paying for full comp and getting nothing for it.

    Hope they decide to pull their finger out and assist you.
  3. Thanks for the write up. QBE do give very good prices so I may end up with them. Although I will be trying to get nrma to pricematch them.. not too sure how that will go though :)
  4. Glad to hear they may finally be getting to the point of finalising the claim. I must say I am not surprised, as I know 2 people mucked about considerably by WQBE.

    I had an at fault claim on my 03 GSXR1000, the day I stacked it i phoned NRMA (the insurer) who picked it up, took it to the local dealer, 2 days later assessed it, and I got a call from the assessor that afternoon asking if I wanted a new bike or the Chq for the agreed value (it was total loss), I opted for the Chq and it was in my mailbox 5 days later. Can't ask for better than that!

    I firmly believe, you will only get what you pay for.
  5. Dissenting view; I've had two claims with WQBE, one for an accident where I was rear-ended and one where I 'impacted the road un-aided'. Both have been trouble-free, and prompt; (Honda dragged its feet with parts on the first one, but that wasn't QBE's Fault.)

    I might add that I earned some brownie points with QBE by finding them a cheaper (and better, which was my point) hugger, saving them a couple of hundred dollars on the overall cost.

    Finally, in neither case has either my premium OR my excess been increased at subsequent renewals....
  6. hrmm yeh. always stories on both sides. i can see how this claim could've easily been hassle-free.. good to know what is happening out there! on the whole 'you get what you pay for'... in my case.. i'd probably rather save a few hundred on my policy and waste time chasing it up as i have more time than money at the moment.
    LOL@ hornet600 "impacted the road unaided!"
    Tweet- cheers & good to know the industry hasnt gone totally to shit!!
    phizog good luck with getting a good $$policy. if you do go with QBE.. hopefully you'll never have to make a claim and if you do, just be patient!!! and be one of those annoying customers like i am! then they finalise the claim just to get rid of you !!!
    port80 cheers and maybe u should try nrma!! on 3PFT vs Comp... i got comp more for peace of mind. the bike i ride now is only worth 2.5k.. and my premium is 20% of that! i see your point.. but i still ride like a noob:p
    might go give qbe another call now!

    update! payment made today. authorised tomorrow. seconded on saturday. paid mid-late next week.
  7. Insurance companies hey..

    I use insure my ride and ahve only heard good reports when its come to claiming. I have spoken to them on the phone a couple of times about policy detail changes, and they are always professional and willing to help..
  8. While a website may take a few minutes to update, you'll find insurance companies need to update the other processes where the printing happens as well (paper based processes to mail out documents and other automated bits)....

    Generally takes a bit to update these things rather than a quick text change... especially with regulators and such - you can't just open a page and hit a delete button and type away.

    Then of course changes in wordings need to go through underwriters, compliance people, legal people and management well before the marketing guys get to add their fairy dust.

    Of course with any insurer - having 2 different wordings in the market - the customer will get the better of the two, but most insurers would value consistency and do it all at once.

    If the guys you you've spoken to at IMR have given you the all clear - does it matter to you if they take a bit to update their documents? You have the confirmation from them and there hasn't been any complaints from their service....
  9. Kudos for the OP Danielle.. very well written [​IMG]

    You & the other party involved got bummed around there, but you got
    there in the end..

    FYI, they can impose a special excess (in addition to ya normal excess)
    for any claim lodged & for excessive driving infringements. The younger
    you are, the less infringements needed before a Special excess can
    be whacked on top.

    I've lodged one too many dodgy theft claim so I now have Special Excess
    (theft) as well. Any further theft claims I make, they pay me $200 less.

    Easily fixed tho. I simply increased my Sum Insured amount for minimal
    charge. There are ways to get around imposed obstacles [​IMG]

    Don't stress.. that Excess will reduce or be removed altogether with time.

    What are your plans when you get your money?

    Sell you current bike & get another? or put it in the bank?
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  11. MG is spot on here.

    Others not aware of this thread could be subject to a good old 2 fingers in the arse without lube if they have an incident that is not their fault, although they can identify the responsible party who happens to be uninsured.

    The website should be the first thing fixed being the easiest to update, and as you said a policy holder should receive the greater benefit in the event of an incident that would be subject to the original error.

    There is no excuse for this gross error (if in fact it truly is an error) and it is a disgrace that once advised of it, they have taken a good 4 weeks to do nothing about it.
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  14. I should be getting the cheque next week. The plan is to use it for my one month holiday in thailand. I'm leaving in 2 weeks. I already bought a replacement bike, it was cheaper than the first bike (2.5k) .. I was bikeless for exactly 14 days. If I had waited for the cheque, I'd still be without a bike!

    Bit interesting there, the IMR policy! I should probably have read all the insurer's PDS in full detail but i just compared a few of the more obvious points when choosing insurance.

    See you next thurs MG! ..and stop shit stirring in the thurs night ride thread!! you have my permission to post again after you've TURNED UP next week :) :grin:
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  16. i always have my camera!! :)
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  18. I can not speak highly enough of Western QBE.

    I had an accident and basically the guy thinks it is my fault.
    Turns out he has no insurance and i have been receiving letters from lawyers and collection agencys.

    In the middle of this i get rid of my 250 so have no bike and cancel my insurance with QBE but that didn't bother them at all they still fought for me as they said i was not at fault.
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