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NSW FYI: official HWP Speeding Tolerance - 10% + 3

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Irony.

    Was asked to pull aside for nice chat to a fella from the ol' firm the other day. Heading down the coast friday afternoon when that morning, after topping up the coolant in the radiator my heater hose exploded into a fantastic expression of mangled and perished rubber. A few quick calls and I arranged to borrow the old man's Jazz - not my first preference but utilitarian enough. Knowing me for what I am he requested that I "take it easy on the car" to which I gave my word - and followed through on.

    As it happened on monday morning was heading to Canberra coming into Bungendore. I had just overtaken a slower car and kept it planted to have the pathetic engine push me over the hill. Lo and behold over the rise was none but good sir PC Whoever who thought I was being much too unsafe, not to mention could prove that I was traveling a whole 17km/h above the posted limit. A discussion followed about his refusal to follow the standard practice of closing eyes to anything less than 20-25 over - particularly on a country highway. His main reply focussed on the official (didn't actually use that word but from the way he said it, it came out like that) application of a 10% tolerance plus 3km/h for radar error. Now, I know that you're never going to have that given to you in writing with a signature and date on the page, but that's what the bloke said.

    So, in one word, Irony. Irony that of the whole weekend the only time I went above more than 10 over I had a blue car with disco lights coming the other way. Irony that I found what seems to be the only cop out in rural country (and in many instances urban area) that will fine for less than 20 over, and finally irony that if I had my car I would have been traveling at least a solid 140 instead. Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or to cry - I think I got a good deal out of this one though.

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  2. The 10% would, I assume, be for inaccuracy in your speedo.
    I'm surprised it's a flat 3 km/h on the radar and not a %.
    So basically there is no relaxation or blind-eye the limit but instead allowances for possible errors.
  3. How's the cop, in his car, going to be able to tell what is on your speedo, in your vehicle? 10% is 10%, not some speedo error crap. A telling report came out about a year ago, showing that there were no infringements issued for less than 10 over in all 100 speed zones across NSW. The cop also said someone won't get pulled in a 100 zone for less than 114. You do the math and take it as you will. This is also disregarding several instances of passing police at 10-20 over, sometimes more, over a range of speed zones both within sydney and the country districts without them blinking an eye. The regular one I judge by is the eastbound exit to m5 tunnel with a cop sitting on the Marsh St entrance waiting, 80 zone 100 indicated 95 adjusted no worries.

    I'm actually not sure about the 3km/h being radar error, because that is already discounted before the ticket is writ - it's discounted before you even get pulled up, the unit on the car's dash does it automatically. Maybe it's just an additional 3km/h for the hell of it. It's possible that the car's speed will be 114 but alleged speed of 111, I don't know - I didn't press the point though I got the idea that there won't be less than 114 written on the ticket. For what it's worth, my speed was 121, 117 alleged and speedo was pointing to tad over 125, gps at about 120.

    Radar error is 3km/h, laser is 2 km/h as is fixed cameras. That is my understanding.
  4. thats what i've read as well, but, there was an article, allegedly leaked a few months ago, where the 2-3km/hr error correction for radars and cameras 'won't' be taken into consideration when issuing a fine. the cops/rta aren't bound to use the correction.

    Also, about the 10% speedo error, i haven't come across any cops who would use it (including, talking to mate's mate, who is cop) modern car speedos are calibrated to be under the indicated limit.
    the best one i've been in was a golf, 100 on the speedo & 98 on the GPS and the worst was a subaru, 100 on the speedo & 92 on the GPS.
  5. Sorry, Lilley, but as I posted a few months ago, the OFFICIAL position is that there is NO tolerance.....
  6. So if I got caught doing 215 in a 100 zone I would be done for only 191.5 ? Lucky me....lol
  7. FWIW - I've been done by a fixed camera for accused 103 (106) and 104 (107) in a 100 zone. Not sure if your 10% is applying to fixed cameras or not.

    Perhaps I could print this thread out and show to the next cop that pulls me over?
  8. FAT - He's in New South Wales and Cantberra. not the nanny state. If we do 10 k's over the limit our heads explode
  9. I got done by a speed camera in perth, 105 in 100.
  10. Most states are using less tolerance with fixed camera's than they do with mobile cameras but only 1 difference here in nanny vic..
    Oh, yeah got done for 75 in a 70 end of last year but I applied to have it reviewed.
    Should know the result soon I guess..
  11. I have spoken to a few colleagues over the years in Newcastle HP who have admitted they will NOT book someone for anything under 20 over, in any area.

    One reason was, "I'm not going to book someone for something I do myself, that's not right".

    Fair enough I thought.
  12. 10%+3 is consistent with the UK and much more practical than vic's 0.00001 tolerance. doesn't help to balance the books as much though
  13. Different versions of official I think you will find. One is the spin given to the media the other is the official stance police are told to work by.
  14. Hmph. We don't have any of those here in Mexico!
  15. The 20k tolerance in NSW has been around for a long time, but of course its up to the officer concerned. One officer told me unofficial tolerance is +20 for bikes and +10 for cars.
    My personal tolerance is +10, and I have NEVER been booked when abiding by my own rules. When I choose to break my rule then I have found myself fair game and have the record to prove it lol
  16. Thats been my way as well,I will do a speedo indicated 117 in a 110 zone.You can argue the point with this.I attempt the same on typical bike roads.I went on a group ride last Sunday and on occasion ended up beyond my comfort zone.Its just not worth the grief of a bust to me,no license,no work,no money.The Natho was a poor joke coming back on Sunday,4 marked cars in 20 ks,one following a car for 20 minutes doing 40ks in an 80k zone,it was painful in the Que behind them
  17. You would be lucky if that turned out to be an actual 110 given the average bike speedo.
  18. Its about 5ks low according to my GPS in the car,miles out on the bike.Makes me laugh hearing the xxx speed storys at club meets,according to my GPS its xxx minus about 20 or more,old bike rebuilt speedo but still not close
  19. The HWP at Cooma definitely don't allow 20 over. At certain times of the year they will pip you for <10 over.

    Various commands that cover the Hume highway seem to have different tolerances but I wouldn' risk >15 over unless you are absolutely sure the road is clear or the majority of the traffic is flowing at that speed.

    I remember one day a few months ago travelling between Goulburn and Mittagong with a group of other cars including a police car. At 120 (GPS measured) all was happiness. At 125 the cop switched on the lights and sirens to slow everyone back down. No-one pulled over so I guess he didn't want the paperwork.
  20. At the snowy last year, one of our group was well over and got pinned for being >30 over.
    Next day, I was leading the group and was sitting on about 120 when I noticed a white bike in my mirrors overtaking the group one by one at the same time they all slowed down. Haha wonder why?
    I thought what the heck, if I'm gone I'm gone so made sure I was just under 20 over but didn't slow down when the white (yep a cop) pulled in behind me and sat there.

    First I thought he'll stay there a while, over take and maybe pull the whole group over.
    As we had planned to refuel at the next town, kept my pace with him behind then indicated when I approached the servo.
    As I slowed down, he came on my right, gave me a wave and hit the gas!

    He was one of the good ones!