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QLD FYI fined for filtering, Ipswich Rd

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Rip, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Just paid the filtering tax on Ispwich Rd, just after the bridge over Granard Rd heading towards Ipswich. $88 for "Failure to ride in a marked lane".

    For the information of anyone heading out that way.
  2. Great use of police time and resources. Wonderful. Not. :banghead:

    Were you doing anything out of the ordinary while filtering?

  3. Out of interest, were you filtering through stationary or moving traffic?
  4. So sounds like you weren't going between cars, but to the far left or right, outside of the lane?
  5. Negative - down the centre between the two lines of traffic. Cars were stationary or moving at <10km/h. I was travelling at around 20-30km/h.
  6. I just wonder whether they'd be less inclined to book if traffic was completely stationary, and the filtering speed was at < 20km/h. What's your gut feeling?
  7. While ever filtering, or whatever you want to call it, is not explicitly legal, people will get booked for it.....
  8. How much is the fine in nsw and how many points please? I have gone past 2 cops whilst doing this in the past and they both flashed their lights and I just kept going. If those fat wankers want $88 off me they are going to have to earn it
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  9. True... maybe I'm wrong, but if it were done with absolute care, I have a feeling they might have a softer approach.

    I saw something in the news recently that there seemed to be an acknowledgement that it is safer for riders and for congestion if done carefully. I know there are a million threads about this already.

    I'm just wondering if there's a tipping point where a cop might think: "Nah mate, you've pushed it a bit too far with your "filtering" technique".

  10. Maybe in other states - not in QLD. I think they are trying to eradicate motorcycle riders anyway they can here!

    The "other" highway here (Centenary Highway) also comes to a complete stop at peak hour and every couple of months the cops have a blitz. One stands on an overpass over the highway and signals ahead to other cops waiting further down the line with your description.

    There aint no leniency, politeness or any form of courtesy to those who ride motorcycles here! Apparently were all just criminal scum. If you lane split and have a tattoo you could potentially also get 10 years in jail!
  11. I'm guessing the Police in every state make day-to-day judgments on whether or not they will pursue/pull over/fine motorists for any number of offences. But the fact remains that while an activity is not explicitly legal, they DO have the legal grounds to prosecute it. I'm sure lots of times they don't, but doing it while knowing that they COULD is like playing Russian Roulette with more than one chamber loaded......
  12. I don't believe that speed or the manner in which you filter is a consideration. In Brisbane, occasionally the police will set up a checkpoint on main roads and book everyone filtering. They do this frequently enough that if you filter, sooner or later you will get booked for it. I haven't been pulled over by police cars on patrol, but then I make a point of not filtering past them.

    Note that I don't have a problem with this per se. The QLD transport website used to explicitly state that filtering was illegal. It now says that it may be illegal and is dangerous. I don't agree with this, but it is well publised that filtering is considered a bookable offence in QLD, so you shouldn't be surprised to be fined.

    I make an informed decision to filter taking this into account - hence the filtering 'tax'.
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  13. How were you not in a marked lane if you are riding down the middle.

    Fight it
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  14. .....because it's not possible to ride down between two cars and NOT be in one lane or the other, or usually, in both of them over the distance. And no-one has the skill to ride only on the white line for the whole distance, and even if someone did, the fact is that it is still illegal....
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  15. #17 robsalvv, Feb 5, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2014
    ...that's why some of us are arguing that under certain set of conditions, the lane rules be suspended and a motorcycle be allowed to utilise the full space between lines of slow or stationary vehicles.

    Filtering makes so much sense. When I hear of people being fined for filtering it makes my head explode because the law is enforcing a more dangerous mode of behaviour i.e., to remain in the queue of traffic. I thought the road rules were about road safety??
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  16. What you are sugggesting is that it is illegal to change lanes at any time. How do you change lanes withouut momentarily being in two lanes.?

    Thhe fine he got is not for what you suggest. It is for riding out of the lane completely which he did not do.

    He may be guilty of not using his indicators whilst changing lanes but he wasnt booked for that so is irrelevant.
  17. that was for hornet not rob
  18. Rob, I agree completely, but until it is legal, we are exposed to prosecution while doing it!