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NSW FYI - Filming now allowed on Sydney Motorsport Park track days

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by POPEYE, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. just got this email today:

    Cameras now allowed at Sydney Motorsport Park!
    Yes, you are reading this right. Cameras are now permitted at all Sydney Motorsport Park Ride Days. There are certain rules and regulations relating to the use of cameras of course…such as having the camera mounted with a manufacturer spec mounting (no duct tape or bungee cords allowed!), and using discretion on making publicly available any incidents that are captured on film (full policy details to follow)…but the good news is, that you can now begin to use this equipment at all Sydney Motorsport Park Ride Days. So…get filming!

    Filming Policies:
    1. All camera mountings must securely mounted and be manufacturer specification. No duct tape, bungee cords or other temporary mounts.
    2. All cameras must be mounted so as to not create a hazard to the rider or other riders in the event of a crash or collision.
    3. Cameras can be mounted on motorcycles only. No cameras attached to helmets and / or any other parts of the riders body.
    4. All cameras and mounts must be scrutineered with the motorcycle on the morning of the event, or before being used in the riders first session.
    5. There are to be no cables or other attachments between the motorcycle and rider.
    6. Any footage released publicly that is deemed inappropriate to be viewed (such as crashes and / or situations resulting in serious injuries to participants) and / or footage that is considered damaging to the venue, promoter or industry, could result in the banning of the rider from future Sydney Motorsport Park Ride Days or California Superbike School events.
  2. Great news, hope Phillip Island follows suit.....
  3. Awesome news, have to get the GoPro out.
  4. thats awesome!
  5. Yep and they just got rid of all there weekends except for the 4th. I reckon its to try get more punters in before they get the boot in September.
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  6. Does that mean timing is ok too, since they can be used for timing?

    Edit. The teletubbies are going to hate that they can't have it on their heads. There goes that argument.
  7. That's interesting...
  8. Has there been talk of this happening with Phillip Island in Vic too?? Be awesome if we were allowed to film. Would be heaps easier to learn and improve...