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FXDB Street Bob [flooded with water?]

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kurse, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. So my mate tried to start his Brand spankin new Street bob after giving it a hefty wash at one of those self serve wash joints and it didn't turn over at all. Just made this loud horrible clicking noise, then spat out heaps of soap water, mainly just thick liquid soap.

    He said he put the hose right up inside the engine [lol]. Lucky for him he lives 5 houses away from the car wash, so I helped him push his beloved back home.

    My question on his behalf is, once the water dries, will his bike be fine? Could he have possibly done any damage to the motor trying to crank it over? If so, what kind of damage would he have potentially done? Could he have screwed the electrics up?
    He tried about 4 times then stoppped cause he was worried he might do some damage
  2. WTF did he think would happen???

    If you mean he forced water under pressure up the muffler, then potentially he could have filled a cylinder via an open exhaust valve. If so, then trying to start it could have led to expensive engine damage (bent con rod, broken piston....). If he's lucky it might be OK.
    Take the spark plugs out, then put the bike in gear and push it. If the motor turns over OK and sounds normal, put the plugs back in and try to start it.
    If water comes out the plug holes as you're pushing, keep pushing till it all comes out then spray some WD40 in the cylinders, push some more, dry the plugs put them back in and try to start it. If it won't start, pull the plugs and dry them again.
    If when you start pushing, the motor won't turn over or makes expensive noises, its fuc*ed.
    Sounds like the capacity of your mate's wallet exceeds that of his brain.
  3. :roll: Words fail me :roll:
  4. Tell me about it. After I yelled [and laughed] at him for a bit I put it in words he could understand

    'Would you shove a hose up your own arse and spray high pressure water?'

    I'll message him now and tell him. Thanks guys :)

    Update: Messaged him then and he replied. Just to clarify, he didn't spray it into the EXHAUST, but in really deeply, so from what he tells me the exhaust side he sprayed basically in the centre of the engine.....upward lol.

    All this time I thought he was dumb enough to spray inside the exhaust lol.
  5. Another update, he just got home [he works nightshift] He tried starting it.............started fine. LOL, what an idiot. Thanks for your help guys.
  6. I wouldn`t use a pressure washer on a cheap, clapped out trailbike let alone something with that many zero`s on the price tag. Too much water getting forced into tiny orifices. Bound to end in tears. :shock:
  7. Jesus christ it's a motorbike. A bucket and sponge could wash maybe 4 entire frikkin bikes.
  8. I guess he is lucky he didn't try to rinse off by submerging it.