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FX Powersports checking in with all our friends on two wheels, keep it on the black stuff

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by FX Powersports, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. FX Powersports Vic checking in and a quick hello to all on two wheels

  2. Had my Sachs Express repaired and service at FX Powersports, good to deal with
  3. Thanks Kernel appreciate it, l hope your well, what you riding at the moment? DR?
  4. Yeah it's a DR. the bushings in the swing arm in the Sachs gave up the goast, crap chinese steel I guess. got stolen while I was out riding the DR650 the day I got it.
  5. What timing... DR going well since then though ? If you need anything give us the heads up
  6. DR is going great thanks. I'll let you know if I'm wanting for anything.
  7. Also got some new DR Pipes coming in a few weeks if you ever need one they will be cheap =D>
  8. Great team on netrider keep it up guys I am impressed and ride safe ;-)
  9. Howdy Fx Powersports can you tell me since you will be at the GP if I can get discount tickets for the weekend,cheers
  10. I think the FX team has 3 tickets left for the GP and as of end of this week I will know for sure but I think I will squeeze a set out for you shouldn't be a problem khalily touch base with me on Thurs cheers
  11. FX if you are a business then there are some avenues for you, one being a favoured vendor and the other an advertiser.
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  12. Will do smee setting up all now also trying to get that tapatalk to work hopefully all happening this week cheers
  13. Tapatalk all working now finally, this app is great, also can't wait for this latest Benelli range to arrive this week if customs loves us, stookedÓź†

    FX Powersports here to supports all riders that love that adrenalin flowing through their veins, ride hard and keep it on the black stuff!